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Addicted to the scales???

Is anyone else absolutely obsessed with the scales - I weigh myself up to 3 times every day now and I just cant break the habit. I know all the stuff about weighing diffrently at different times of the day and it possibly being counter productive if i think I havent lost.

Any tips to keep me on the CDC Scales only?

Does anyone else do this?
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YES YES YES YES i am addicted to them, i find them so depressing sometimes, i dont weigh with my cdc cus i get my stuff sent down to me, and when i am there she dont force me to do anything, says stick with one lot of scales!!

i feel i have to weigh everyday though to keep me going? even if they are sts most days :(
I think you'd have to have enormous will power to not jump on them just to check. I seem to be getting worse the further I go with this diet.
There is no way I could wait a WHOLE week before finding out how much I weighed. :rolleyes:
I know exactly how you feel chick - you have to check that you havent amazingly lost 3 stone in the night dont you :)
I have to say that my scales broke ages ago and I deliberately didn't replace them - they weren't that accurtae anyway so I'd always done my Monday morning weigh in at the local Boots.

So now I just weigh twice a week, once on a Monday (my 'official' weigh in) and once on a Friday which is when I see my CDC. Having that Friday weigh in focuses my mind if I've not lost very much since th Monday, so is quite useful.

I couldn't do just the one weigh in a week, but 2 is bearable:D
Erm, I'm not sure:D

I was supposed to start later than everyone else as I was on hols at the start of april. I think I pledged 14lb's, and I've lost 10lb's in the past 2 weeks, so unless TOTM get's me next weigh in, I'm pretty confident of doing it.

I'll have a look and work it out and put up a ticker.

Thanks for reminding me - I'd completely forgotten:eek::rolleyes::p
Wow liz!! you did well on your first!!
Thanks, although don't seem to be doing so well this week, only 2lbs down and WI on Monday.:(
There is a slight downside to weighing yourself 3 times a day. :rolleyes:
How are you doing?
Thanks, although don't seem to be doing so well this week, only 2lbs down and WI on Monday.:(
There is a slight downside to weighing yourself 3 times a day. :rolleyes:
How are you doing?

Ok I think - Started Tuesday and I think I've lost about 9lbs so cross fingers 9 down 47 to go!!
Looks like you're on goal to equal if not beat my weight loss.
Good Luck for your WI. :)
I had to get boyfriend to hide my scales in loft where i wont go incase there's spiders!!! I was getting obsessed weighing myself every chance i got...was not a good idea for me!!!
I do it at least mornings and when I come in from work (and I'd be lying if I said I dont do it at bedtime LOL) but I use my scales and my morning weight as my offical w/l as I didnt have a first WI with CDC at least I did 6 weeks before I started and put up at least a half stone in that time :( and I usually go to my CDC in the evenings so I check to see my after work weight to guage what I have lost on her scales LOL and before bedtime is just to annoy myself

But as much as its been frustrating at times, I've never had an increase on the scales day to day so as long as that is happening I'll keep doing it as its been quite motivating so far even on the days where the losses have been 0.2lbs.

If you dont want to weigh yourself daily give your scales away or take the batteries out if its digital. I dont think I would be happy with a once a week WI I hate not knowing :)


Strong women stay slim
I weigh every morning , as long as it don't cost you anything carry on lol

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