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Addictive eating Gillian Riley .Eat Less

:):) Great news for people up North.
Gillian Riley is doing a week end seminar in Stockport Greater Manchester.

Anybody who is interested in her theory and approach to ADDICTIVE eating may be interested to know this news.
Spoken to Gillian and she is more than greatful for people to know about her Northern Seminar but you probably need to read her book as the week end is based on her application of the book.

I know i was greatly interested after hearing a lot of mentions on here and also in our Lighter Life group which i have been in and am now in management for life group( you can go every week if you want to management group or just pop in whenever / wherever you are in Britain at no cost)

I was seriously thinking of going to St Johns Wood in London to one of her Course but with the train fare, hotel and seminar it was far too expensive,so definitely going....
Hope to see some minimins there ?
Lots of love Maria:talk017:
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What is the name of her book. I need some help as I am a failed LLifer and am struggling at the mo.
sorry for late reply

The book is called "eating Less".Based really on choice,addictive eating and getting to the core of complusiuve eating and going through your addiction rather than avoiding it, as it will always be there.
Good read and available via the local librarys.Maria


not so str8 or narrow!!
I have just started reading this and for any food addict/compulsive/emotional eater it is a must read. I'm loving it - I have been quite worried about seeing so many people on the boards who have lost so much weight to then put a lot back on. After all the hard work that its going to take for me to lose 14 stone I really want to sort my head out so i dont fall into the same trap. Now i'm reading this book i am much more confident of my eventual success.


Creating my life
I've been reading this too, after Munchmarie mentioned it on her blog. I'm finding it fascinating and it does give me hope that when I've shifted all the weight I want to lose I can keep it off.


Queen of the Damned
Have ordered this from Amazon - will let you know what I think :)


Gone fishing
I used a lot of Gillian Rileys technique to help me during the first stages of maintenance. Though I didn't have the book at the time (bought it since out of interest)...I highly recommend it, especially after a VLCD.
Ive just dusted mine off too, after all, if Allen Carr made me stop smoking then nGillian Riley may help me to understand my eating habits. we can but try x


Queen of the Damned
Am struggling with it. The advice within is excellent - don't get me wrong - but it goes against following CD, which is my current plan of choice :confused: Hmmmm, shall have to think this through...


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I'm seeing it as advice for after losing the weight. Yes she doesn't advocate diets but I want to get the weight off then use her techniques to control it. To be honest I'm using the techniques now. I figure - why not get some practice!


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hey everyone!

i just got mine !!! can see where it can helpful after doing CD...


Gone fishing
Am struggling with it. The advice within is excellent - don't get me wrong - but it goes against following CD, which is my current plan of choice :confused: Hmmmm, shall have to think this through...
Yep, right there. It's not compatible with Cambridge...much more suitable for maintenance or following your own reduced calorie diet.

I found the techniques fab for the early stages of maintenance.

Believe I did bore everyone to death writing pages about it :D :D

Hate that when the book arrives and I don't magically lose 2stone just by buying it ... but still have to do something else!!!!!
I know. Darn nuisance innit:eek: I had the same problem. Read chapter 1...agree wholeheartedly and consider it even possible, then tuck into a packet of crisps whilst I read chapter 2 :D

I was the same with the fags. Just know I have to buy extra fags whenever I read a 'quit smoking book'. So stressful:eek: :D

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