Addictive Personality


The Diet Guy
Would you all class youself as having an addictive personality?

Looking back I used to be addicted to drugs, drink, fags, food and gambling (one good evening out!!) and even now I suppose I am addicted to the Cambridge Diet and this website.

Are we all addictives out there or is it just me

I have an adictive/obsessive personality and just swap one obsession for the next.

I'm hoping my next one is going to be a bit healthier although my obsessions never seem to last longer than about a year with the exception of food :rolleyes:
yep I have a totally addictive personality! food, fags, internet and spending money! I have always stayed clear of drink and drugs as much as possible purely for this reason! I also got addicted to scratch cards at one point. I said to my mum if id carried on with that and drunk did drugs as well she would have an obese, drunk, stoned, broke gambler living with her!
interesting question though im sure most people who have problems with their weight have this in them?
Think we are all addicted to something some how...It's just learning how to deal with it, right now I think it suck's !!!
Lump2Lush xxx
Am addicted to food, fags - i manage to just about control the spending. Never had a problem with drink or drugs though - can take or leave but i've always felt that my food and spending are very closely related - about control etc
I'm without a doubt an addictive personality and also have major "follower" tendencies so can be quite easily led if I don't watch myself.....

Lord alone knows where I would have ended up if I ever took drugs! :eek: Instead its food, internet (surprise, surprise!), shopping and Frasier! (Is anybody else watching the reruns on is just sooooooo funny :D)
I have never met someone who was not addicted to something...

No such nondescript person exists or do they?:rolleyes:
I think we are all addicted to something in some way. Even if we are not aware of it.:)
I have never met someone who was not addicted to something...

No such nondescript person exists or do they?:rolleyes:

Yep, My OH!!! But then again I suppose I'm his addiction!!! :D
Actually no.....trifle, cars, computers and cashews probably come before me!!! :p
Ive always had an addictive personality. The biggest being for me is food over the last 16 years or so. I used to be completely addicted to fags and from the age of 17 untill my early twenty's I used to smoke at least 40 per day. I'm glad to say I cured that addiction. I also can drink quite heaviely and am very lucky not to have let it become a problem!
I am also starting to become slightly addicted to this forum! Although I choose to look on it more as a healthy obsession LOL.:D
definately a more healthy obsession! I like this obsession of minimins! I dont like food fags and money obsessions!