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Adding A Meal


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Hi all you lovely people :)

I'm currently on week 4 (hoorah) and I've totally abstained since I started, 3 soups a day and nothing else not even a bar.

I choose not to have a bar due to the fact they have previously caused me problems when doing other VLCDS, once I start to chew I can't stop, hence why I'm concerned about adding a meal next week.

Do you all add a meal on week 5? Is it totally necessary? I am so concerned that if I start to eat 'normal' food this early on, I will a) knock myself out of ketosis and I seriously can't be doing with 3 days of pain and b) not be able to go pack to my 3 foodpacks a day.

Any of your wonderful advice will be greatly appreciated xx
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Hi boneysbird

I don't but I'm not doing strict TS I'm doing mostly TS with a few WS days, but I don't think starlight adds a meal and she has been on TS for months :)


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I don't think you have to add a meal. If you decide to, there's a list of things you can eat (on a 'sticky' at the top of the page somewhere) which won't throw you out of ketosis. But you're right, it might be for some people that once you start 'eating' then you won't be able to stop! Let us know how you get on :)


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If you wanted to up the calories, which is the reason behind AAM but without eating, you could always add in a glass of milk each day. (When I did LL, that's what some people did who were concerned about adding in food). That way you still wouldn't have to chew anything, or you could just add it into your tea / coffee.


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I did AAM week last week and did find it hard not to just keep on eating or to say, sod it, I'm going to have something naughty (ie carb filled) for my dinner but I also wanted to test myself to make sure that I could make the right choices and so as not to develop a "fear" of food for when I come to an end on this diet.

It was hard, but if you can get through the first week, you can get through AAM week and I did learn that I could eat healthily and enjoy normal portions of healthy food - I don't need pizza and wine after all!! LOL

It is a lot easier now that I am back on my 3 packs a day as that simply eliminates any food decisions - life is easier when you don't have an option, but I am really glad I made it through AAM.

I found writing out a meal planner and knowing exactly what I could eat each day helped rather than just opening the fridge to see what was in it that I could have for my dinner. I even gave myself my own shelf in the fridge with my food for the week - not to be contaminated by the hubby's or daughters food stuffs which cluttered the rest of the fridge - that way I was only tempted by stuff on the one shelf, rather than rummaging around and perhaps coming across something else I might have fancied more.

Let us know how you get on and what you decide in the end though!


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Ooohh I like your post Sammeh. Scuse the pun but that's food for thought! I've avoided AAMW in the 5th week. I've made the decision to leave it til the end of 12 weeks. I will definitely do it then but Im still a bit wary. You are so right about doing it to not be scared if eating. x

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