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Advice anyone?? (not about dieting) ;)


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I had an interview today for a company I've worked for before, just temping.

When I worked there before I asked to be moved to another area because the manager was a violent angry worm (he used to throw things and people and shout all the time). I did end up getting to go to another area and everything was okay, the grumpy manager wasn't happy about it but blah!

So, today I'm in the interview and I blerted out that I had worked in the area (with the grumpy manager). The manager in this interview wrote down the area (like she knew something or someone there) and now I'm thinking should I clarify why I asked to be moved, or am I being paranoid.

I have heard via the rumour mill (a few months ago) that people were saying I was moved because I was a trouble-maker and I'm worried she (the manager in the interview today) will get the wrong info.

I wondered if I should phone her just to clarify, I didn't feel I could go into loads of detail in the interview infront of someone else....
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Hmmmm thats difficult. If it was me, I wouldnt ring. I'd expect your interviewer to find out the story from the ppl you asked to transfer you, if there are specific ppl in charge of that. I would expect a manager to find out the truth and not listen to rumor without having proof. I think ringing would imply you have something to worry about.

hope that helps. asked my sis and she agrees that doing nothing is the route she would choose too. Best of luck, hugs :)
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I think dont phone...I doubt this manager is so unprofessional enough to listen to gossip like that. Plus it was ages ago, Im sure people will have generated more juicy gossip to focus on by now!

Honestly dear, dont worry bout it. xxx


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There have probably been other incidents linked to this guy if he has a horrible temper- most likely they can figure it out. They must know what he's like by now------------ who knows maybe many people have asked to be moved


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I would say dont phone but I do understand your concern. Surely as a manager she will be fully aware of the other one anyway (most people show their true colours enough times to become noticed) & if its a professional company they will have a score system on their interview procedure so I am sure that it wont matter about you moving. She will have an HR record of your history & will be able to see if you were reliable etc :)

Good luck with it hun


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Thanks everyone, you are right, phoning does imply there is something to worry about. I'm such a paranoid little bunny!!
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Belated reply (sorry) but I agree with everyone else, don't phone. You can't be the only one to suffer at that horrible man's hands and she may just be interested in hearing how others found him. Fingers crossed the news is good.


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