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Advice before i start please

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of starting atkins as ive done cambridge diet and done really well on it but need food now!
But ive got sone questions which im oping you can help me with

1) What else apart from eggs can i have as a quick breakfast (and shake) as i have limited time before i leave the house. I usually have cereal or fruit

2) on phase 1 can i have sausages and not count the carbs on them?

3) which atkins book do you recommend i buy?

4)On packets do i use the carbs that sugar figure or the total carbs figure?

5)Is philly cheese counted? if so how much do youb have?

6) are peanuts legal and peanut butter

7) what snacks do people have - im a night time eater and graze (even when im in ketosis i will graze)

8) in terms of homemade soup, is carrot & corriander, vegetable and ea & ham ok

9) are the 'porky' pork scratching carb free?

10) instead of bread, what substitues do people use. Ive read people have ham roll ups and using lettuce leaves.

Thats all for now, and thanks in advance for your support as always.
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Hello and welcome :)

1 - MIMs are a favourite on here - have a look at the MIM thread! You can have them as plain muffin or as toast.
Bacon doesnt take that long to cook LOL

2 - You need to count the carbs in sausages all the time

3 - i have the really old one from ebay - 1980 version I think! TBH I get most of my advice from here

4- total carbs

5- I think so (dont eat it so dont know!)

6- not on induction.....

7- I have cheese or pork scrathings for snacks

8- dont know

9- they are low. I think 0.7 carbs for 100g

10- mims!

Hope this helps - im not that knowledgeable but there are many on here who can answer your questions!

Please read the 'stickies' about starting Atkins at the top of the page. Lots of good advice there for newbies.

Good luck!
Hi and welcome

Food Item: Philadelphia Cheese Spread
Food Quantity: 1 oz
Carbs: 0,5g
Dietary Fiber: 0g
Net Carbs: 0.5g

You must count every carb at every phase.
Mmmmm Philadelphia....

And it is the full-fat version! I eat a lot of this now, and I savour every single delicious mouthful.

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