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Advice for fello CD'ers

Lot's of newbies start CD everyday and I thought this might be a good thread to share our hints and tips for the plan, to help answer some of the questions newbies may have but also to hel the others of us who are a bit further down the road but still always looking for ideas and tips...

So my tips would be:
  1. Make sure you get a booklet from your CDC and read it from start to finish and back again so you know exaclty what you are and are not allowed... maybe let your Sig other have a read too so they no how to support you.
  2. Write down your motivations for losing weight! Make sure you have some short, medium and long term goals.. that way you are never short of motivation... make sure you read them each day, add to them or change them as you feel fit, but make sure they are in your head all the time!
  3. Find enjoyment in everyday (a tip from Icemoose) When we enjoy what we are doing, it is so much easier to stick to the plan, so try to find some fun and enjoyment everyday... (sometimes you need to think outside the box!!)
  4. Don't automatically look for ways to add to the plan in ways which will cause less damage, aim to be 100% to the plan that you have chosen! It is hard but it really does get easier!
So what advice would everyone else give??
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Serena A

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Good post Tillyfloss :)

My tip would be to remember that success comes by staying the distance. One week of "only" losing 1-2 lb or even a stay-the-same will not stop you from reaching your goal. It's the quitting because of it that stops you.

The other tip I would give is this saying:

"If hunger is not the problem then food is not the solution."


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Mine would be -

1) Just keep going. Do that and you'll get there whatever diet you choose. I've calorie counted and done CD. Both work - as long as you just keep going. Head down and focus.

2) Sort out why you overate in the first place. Have a good emotional rummidge about and get things sorted. It might mean counselling or just some good chats with a friend or on here. Just chuck away that emotional baggage.

3) Start planning for what you will do when you reach your goal weight - what will you eat? How will you manage your emotions without turning to food/drink?

4) Try to diet in a loving not a hating yourself way. Alot of people have issues with self esteem and diets can exacerbate them. Be kind to yourself along the way. Treat this diet as a way of caring for yourself.

5) Don't put everything off until you are 'thin.' You are fabulous now. Don't blame everything on your weight. Get out there and grab life by the balls. LOL

Sorry this is an essay but honestly these things really REALLY will help.
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As always Tilly a fab post with lots of wise words I reckon you need to become a CDC ASAP!!! xxx
i agree with jess rabbit, i think your fab tilly, very wise words
S: 16st8.0lb C: 16st8.0lb G: 11st6.0lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
yes you may be only at the beginiing but you always know what to say to people and in the right way and there are just some people who stick out right from the begining who would be perfect - Isobel1965, Icemoose, KD to name a few and you are up there with them girl I promise!!!!!!

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