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Advice for Philip please

Just in case some of you haven't spotted Philip's entry on Jackies thread - Philip only lost 1 lb this week and is not best chuffed so.....

I'm not goin to say a lbs a lb 'cause that's not what you need - you're a bloke and need answers. Ask yourself -

  • have you inadvertantly cheated - even if having milk in tea, diet coke, juice or anything that isn't on the recommended list.?
  • have you really been measuring how much you have to drink - are you sure it's 3 - 4 litres of water a day plus your shakes.?
  • are you struggling in the toilet department, you should still be able to go each day ?
  • were you weighed on the same scales,similar clothes and same time as previous weeks.
  • Had you have any of your shakes/water prior to weigh in ?
They're are many things that can affect your total weight loss BUT what I can say is that other will tell you that if you have a poor loss one week, the following week is a biggie - please stick with it, we really had to convince you to start in the first place and it would be a shame if you stopped. Get thinking;);)
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We all have low weeks and it can be very disheartening but (I think Nic posted this one week when I was feeling down after a low week) sometimes your body needs to catch up with the big losses and usually the next week it has done so. If you only lost 1lb on LT you may not have lost at all on other diets. I know I have done diets where I plateauxed I just find it easier to get over it on LT.

Hang in there babe and look forwards to your next WI.

Phil, don't lose heart hun. I know it's really difficult when you have a low loss and it's easy to get really peed off and think you might as well be eating food if you're only going to lose 1lb a week, but I'm sure you will have a fantastic loss next week to make up for it. I had two weeks where I only lost 1kg and then the following week I lost 3kg and my LT guy put it down to water retention.

I do sympathise with you but try to put this weigh-in behind you, pick yourself up, and remember the average loss on LT is ONE STONE a month! There's no 'food diet' where you would consistently lose a stone every month. All the best to you, hun. Big hugs. xx


Says it as it is!!!
Philip...when you have smaller losses your body is trying to catch up and normally if the scales arent showing the inches will measure every where!
Plus a small loss week is followed by a huge loss week generally!
1lb or pure fat ( which is what you are burning btw) is equal to 3500cals..to loose that you woould have to reduce your diet to 1500 cals and run a 35 mile run!!! i have had a few 1lbs weeks foollowed by a good weigh... Dont give up its just your body trying to resist loosing and it can't win if you stick to LT and dont let it!!!!
Be dominant and win your body
its still one pound that you wouldny have lst if you wernt on LT so keep with it and heres to a great loss next week

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