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Advice for working away from home?


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I am nearly at the end of week 4 but feeling a bit nervous about the months ahead, as I start a series of trade stand events( first one in two weeks). I usually work from home so I have alot of control over what food situations I expose myself to. I aim to keep up with SS but the days are long....the food marquees are numerous and the portaloos are usually miles away! Just wondering how to handle ketosis in this situation. Also it is very tiring and am hoping SS will be enough fuel to run on. Any advice or comments would be so welcome.
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I work away from home a fair bit and so far, have managed to continue to SS.

Make sure you take plenty of tetra's and bars and then if you're staying in a hotel, take a hand blender and your shake and make that up in the evening.

As for the food stands, I guess they could be tempting, but just keep thinking of how much this is costing and how much you want to lose the weight. I had to take a client to lunch last week to my favourite restaurant and while they tucked into their meal, I sat there with my bottle of water - it can be done if you really want to do it!

It may be worth speaking to your CDC about moving up to SS+ if you're worried about maintaining your energy levels.

Good luck with whatever you decide - you will be fine!


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Thanks LizzyLocket...it really helps to get others opinions and to know they have successfully handled all kinds of food situations and maintained direction on CD. I guess because alot of these events have a festive kind of atmosphere in the past i have seen it as a special occasion eating event and treated myself to stuff i would not have on a day to day basis. So I will focus on treating it as just another workday! Have a great week.


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I have done SS before and work away from home lots Tetra's are the way to go and bars. I always go to the restaurant in the hotel at breakfast time to have some nice fresh coffee and read the paper. If you can pick up a small cappucino whisk (battery) they are ok. Also most hotel rooms have a kettle too to make soups up.

You will do it no problem just make sure you drink your fluids i know the loo maybe a problem but needs must !!

Good Luck Hon xx


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I had a few weeks of working away back in Feb & chose to go up to 810 to get more flexibility. I liked 810 so much I kept on with it and lost more than half my weight that way. Recently was abroad for 3 weeks with work and couldn't use CD, so worked up steps and managed to maintain while away.

I found bars really useful & shakes were fine in hotel situation, I got one of those leccy whisks you can buy for making a frothy cappucino, that was light to pack. But the 810 thing gave me the option to eat if I had to for a business lunch/dinner whatever.

Good luck... you can do it!



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Thanks Katycakes and Jimmyshoo. I am going to stock up on bars and tetras and also read through the food types and allowances for the 810 plan in case I need to incorporate that (Katycakes is great to know you had such good results with that). For the first show I will be driving distance so can organise a cool box. But will have to be away for the later shows and do the hotel thing. Thanks again.


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810 was not a fast track for me, but worth it 100% as it helped me get some practice putting food back into the picture. So... if you can look at the big picture, and be patient, then I'd say it's brilliant. Good luck anyway hon!


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