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  1. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Hi everyone :)

    Just looking for a bit of advice really. I go on holiday in around 2 and a half weeks, and as much as I have good intentions and would love to say that I won't go overboard, I'll try and stick to 810 or whatever, I know myself too well and know I won't be able to resist the all inclusive buffet and alcohol! Have been doing SS for the last 4 weeks and lost about a stone (will find out if I hit the stone mark by tonight's WI!) which I am really happy with! However, I don't know what to do in the weeks leading up to my holiday. I obviously want to lose as much as I can before I go away, so would like to continue with SS until then. BUT I know that some people have done SS right up to it and then had a huge gain whilst being away because their body is so shocked at all the food! I know that some people have stepped up on the plan before their holiday which has helped not to have such a massive weight gain, but others have still had the same massive weight gain they would have if they'd done SS until the day before, plus hadn't lost overly much in the weeks before holiday due to stepping up.

    Sooooo what are the suggestions? Should I continue SS'ing until my holiday, or step up from now to start introducing food before I go away?

    Thanks loads!
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  3. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    i really think it is personal choice hun.

    I have a wedding on the 25th, and i'm breaking ketosis on the 24th as i will be drinking. I think where booze is concerned, its wise to at least break that the night before.

    I'm also mentally prepared for the weight gain on the scales afterwards. Its not going to kill me even if its 7lbs on...

    just do what you feel is right, mentally prepare for the gain, and enjoy your holiday :)
  4. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    I'm with Lizz on this. If you are planning on going away then as long as you are mentally prepared for the gain when you get back you'll be able to have a fab time. I would say moving up a step or two before hand will get your body ready for the food without it feeling like an assault on your metabolism. Whilst you're away just enjoy yourself and get right back on it when you return. I have had a couple of weekends away since I've been doing Cambridge and as I'm step two I basically stay away from carbs as much as possible but know that I am unlikely to hit my calorie target. I still enjoy myself and you will too. I used it as practise for after Cambridge, I tried to make good choices and when I didn't I acknowledged that I'd chosen to eat or drink something calorific and that it would affect my weight. I didn't lose anything after that weekend but I didn't gain either.

    Whatever you do enjoy yourself. You've only one life you're best off living it!
  5. franbella21

    franbella21 minimims stalker

    i too go away a week mom to magaluf for 5 days so u can imagine how much drink and food will be consumed.ive been fighting with myself over if i ss uptil the sun to get as much weight off as poss or whether i should be going up a few steps before the assault lol.either way i see it as off plan but a planned off plan and not a cheat. im also v prepared for a huge gain but happy in knowing i can get it off in a week :) x x
  6. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Thanks so much for your replies! I am totally prepared for a gain, and to be honest I know I'm not going to put the whole stone back on or anything. And I'll try and make healthy choices, but won't beat myself up about it. Got told by my consultant that I should be moving up to step 2 now because of my BMI but going to have a few more days SS then move up, so she pretty much made my decision for me :) Fran have a lovely time on holiday :) xx
  7. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    even if you did gain a stone, its not body fat youre gaining, its the fat round your liver from the reintroduction of carbs and that does within the first 3 days of SS!

    Just enjoy the holidays ladies! I'm doing my journey as i'm determined not to be fat on the beach in Barbados in August so i shall be going through the same in a few months! :)

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