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Advice from Exante peeps


Girl on a mission
Hi all

just wanted some advice about the shakes on exante and how they taste:eek:, currently doing cd and find all of the shakes really vile and artifical tasting. And dont get me started on the bars lol.

I've heard Exante products are meant to be better, so before i order the months worth of shakes in couple of weeks, thoughts and opinions about the shakes would be greatly appreciated:D.


vicki xx

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Hi Vicki,

The shakes are all good. I personally prefer the Vanilla and Banana ones as I find the Strawberry quite strong tasting and the Chocolate a bit gritty, but overall they are good and I don't mind which one I have.

Hope this helps, all the best.



Girl on a mission
thanks for posting, i know cd has more variety but rather really like a few shakes than none at all, so probably will give exante ago when i'm nearly done with cambridge products i have left :eek:
Hi Dappy, I only drink the shaks but I have never done a vlvd before so I cannot compare. I enjoy all the shakes, they are creamy, but a lot of people have them in various ways, frozen lollies, ice cold, etc. I just have mine 3 times a day as normal.
I guess it depends on your tastebuds. I didn't even try the banana and strawberry as don't like those flavours full stop. Thought I would like the chocolate and was nearly sick when I had it. Didn't bode well on my first day!! However, after reading up on here I now cook it up as chocolate custard (basicallly use less water and heat it up) and it is really lovely. Did the same with the vanilla, was a bit sickly tasting but ok.
The key is to blend them well, for the first day I was whisking then in with a fork and they tasted dreadful, all but the banana.

After getting my hand blender and giving them a good blend with 400 ml of water (instead of 250ml) they are perfect, really nice with cold water and ice cubes. I love the vanilla and banana flavour the vanilla tastes like card dor ice cream. The chocolate hasn't got as much taste but is drinkable and the strawberry is ok.

I'd definitely recommend adding more water, 250 makes them too thick but with 400 mls they are like a mcdonalds milkshake :D not that ill be stepping foot in mcdonalds for the next few months :(


Mistress of the Dark
Hey Vicki,

I've done CD before and I find the Exante shakes more creamy and less sickly but also less flavoursome and not as thick. They don't have that artificial flavour that CD has either.

They are all okay but I have to be honest, I prefer the CD shakes. That's just my tastes though. I'm missing the chocolate mint and also the tetras!!! x


reaching my goal
well i enjoy them all and my fave is vanilla and chocolate you will get used to them so good luck x

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