Advice needed...come from Cambridge diet....need to get back to goal :)


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Hi all
So last year I lost 4 stone on cambridge diet. I reached my goal of 9 stone at the beginning of August and actually dropped another couple of pounds after that. Anyway i maintained around 9 stone for 3 months and then it all went wrong. In nov and dec i went on 2 holidays where i piled on a stone and then xmas i gained another 6 lbs so i am now weighing at 10st 6 lbs. I know im still not big but I feel big in comparison to what i was at 9 stone. i cant fit into anything and just generally feel miserable! i joined slimming world this week in an attempt to shift it but have already gained 2 lbs in 3 days!! i did think this may happen as i did it for 4 weeks 3 years ago and didnt lose a pound. I just think im extremely carb sensitive and even more so after doing cambridge diet! Anyway while i was on cambridge i did order a few sns products on the weeks that i couldnt afford cambridge and i loved them. I just needed the support that you get with a consultant when i was doing cambridge to stay on track otherwise i would have done SnS all the way! ive just ordered the mens 5 a day 28 days supply which is fab as works out like £4.40 per day for 4 shakes! I am going to stick on it for a month and not weigh myself at all(which will be soooooo hard as usually i weight about 2-3 times per day)! i figure i could be back at goal in this time! what do you guy think? is it realisitic to expect to lost 1 st 6 lbs in 4 weeks if i stick to it 100%??? im pretty good with my water and easily drink 3 litres per day! any tips or advice would be much appreciated Thanks so much
Tess xxx
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I think that you could definitely lose most if not all of that in 4 or 5 weeks (especially as the men's 28 day pack basically gives us girls an extra weeks worth!) everyone is different of course, but if you don't, then you will certainly be close!

Don't worry that you don't have the councillor this time, the forums are great support, and there is always the SnS support desk if you have questions or need something extra..

and btw well done for tackling your gain so quickly, I wish I had done, then I wouldn't be facing 6 stone to lose all over again! :rolleyes:

Good luck x


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Hi gorge! I'm really carb-sensitive too. I lost a lot on LL and reached goal in 2011. Maintained until nov/dec last year (like you I gained fast) and now sorting out the damage. So far in two weeks I've lost a stone, so I'm optimistic I'll get back there. I know how you feel: not 'big' compared to previously, but just not right - and all my lovely clothes laughing at me from the wardrobe!! We can do this!