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Advice needed from slow cooker experts


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I have bought a slow cooker recently and have used it a couple of times now. I love it and the food has come out yummy.

I'm having a problem with thickening stew in it, I tried cornflour today and it didn't go well. The pot was pretty full and I put water in it to just cover the food. The cornflour just added syns it didn't thicken the sauce at all. I left it to cook for a good half hour after adding the cornflour too.

Is there anything else low-ish in syns I could use to thicken a stew? Am I just putting too much liquid in? Is there a certain way of using cornflour to get a nice thick sauce?
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I haven't actually used my slow cooker yet as only bought it yesterday, but could you try adding instant mash powder to it to thicken it? Some of these are syn free so wouldn't add any extra syns :) xx


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Could be too much liquid - if adapting a standard recipe only use half the amount given

Taking off the lid for the last part of cooking will also help and as said a little powdered mash is a good thickener and syn free on green and EE unlike cornflour


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I think that circes is probably right, too much water. It doesn't evaporate in the same way so you need much less. ;) Trial and error with slowcookers but they are fantastic once you've found your way with them.

BTW the cornflour works great when you have lesser liquid. Mix mine with a little cold water and stir in and immediately thickens it. The mash idea is an excellent one, too. :)
depending what's in the stew you can take out some potatoes/ carrots / onions or even meat and puree it with a hand blender, then add it back to your sauce to thicken it too - syn free
Hey, i use mine occaionally and only use about half (if that) of recommended water for sachets of flavourings eg chicken casserole. Works wonders. Good luck! Xx

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