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Advice Needed On Coming off 100% SS

I've just found out that on 28 October, Im going on a 2 week cruise!

Naturally I'm not complaining but the timing is terrible! It's only 3 weeks away & the last thing I planned is to come off my CD early - especially as I hoped to only have another 3-4 weeks to go (plus the 6-8 weeks of maintenance steps).

Does anyone have any advise on how to come off SS in a controlled manner - but do it quickly?

Ideally I would like another 2 weeks doing SS then spend a week weaning myself back onto food before the cruise begins......is this reasonable? Does coming off SS too quickly make you sick?

I've been working really hard at getting back into shape & the cruise will be a great opportunity to practice healthy, sensible eating (plus there's a great gym on board)....but I realise that coming off so quickly will cause some sort of "weight disturbance". I want to try and keep that to a minimum. Im just weeks away from my goal & I dont want to spend weeks getting back to where I am now.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Hi hun,

Sorry i don't have any advice but didn't want to read and run, i'm sure someone more useful will be along in a mo.

Congrats on nearing your goal and what a great opportunity to show off the new you on your cruise!



Suggest you do a week of SS+, then a week of 810, and a week of 1000 before the cruise........you should still see good losses and a more gradual increase would probably be easier and better for you than SS straight to food. I'm sure one of the CDCs will be on shortly to give you a steer. Good luck.


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I don't know about working up the plans too much, but have you thought about bringing some Cambridge on your cruise with you? Maybe you can replace 2 meals with cambridge and enjoy one meal with your family/friends a day? Kind of make it your add a meal week x2 and maybe you will have either stay the same or have a smaller loss those weeks. You will feel more in control that way in my opinion and then you can get back to SS if that's what you want to do when you get back.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

Im already planning to take some shakes with me but I'm escorting a small group on a trip hosted by my company - so I have to be present at meals.

It's a good opportunity to practice healthy food choices, so Im not too worried. I just dont want to be sick or to pile on weight simply because my bodys not used to eating regular food!

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