advice needed please for after


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hi, i am on lipotrim but there are hardley anyone viewing at the mo and i need a quick bit of advice.
i am starting refeed on the 11th december but i still will not be at my goal. i will still have 2 stone to go......
id like to go on slimming world . it has worked for me before untill i fell preggers. so if i refeed for a few wekks would it be ok to go onto slimming world say the second week in january

has anyone heard of anyone going onto slimming world after a total food replacement diet

please thanks gemma
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hi hun, last week i moved from cd (did 22 weeks) to ww , ive not been weighed yet so i cant say anymore as yet, but we all have to eat again at some point we just have to hope we have learnt by our mistakes, good luck whatever you decide to do.xx


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S: 18st0lb G: 10st3lb
I am on refeed now and am doing a kind of splicing of ww and cd - at the moment I have a core ish menu (if i was doing points it woul be 12-14 points plus 2 cd meals) totally fine - I know that the new prog menus are very similar to the 1200 menu - I have gained a little to start with but now maintaining more or less on this - ss last week - going to move to 15 -17 points plus one bar next week.
I work for ww and the new prog looks fantastic - and easy - it is also low gi so that it links with the cd maintaining prog anyway)
Good luck with whatever you choose to do x


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Hi hun, I am on lipotrim and as others are saying you can choose from a range of options to lose your last part of the weight.

The only concern that I would have with Slimming World which is why I don't think it is the route I will take is I think the eat as much as you want of 'free' foods would not help my portion control. I would also be a bit concerned that the green days could involve a lot of high GI foods such as white pasta that I am planning on avoiding.

A lot of people seem to move from LT to some form of a lowish carbohydrate/low GI eating plan which is what I plan to do.

The main thing tho is to have a plan, use that part of the forum to help you and see how you go. It may work really well and if it doesn't you can always try something else.

Whatever you decide well done on what you have done so far, and good luck x