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Advice needed please x


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Hi all well it's just over a week since coming off cd and so fat I've put 9lbs on, I've been doing sw on green days and haven't cheated just aye loads cause I can :(

Went to drs yesterday and saw a different one so had to explain that I had gall stones and an enflamed stomach as it wasn't in my notes? And I was slso told to come off cd turns out that the dr who told me to stop is dead against cd also I haven't got gall stones and my inflamed stomach was just acid due to all the nutrients off cd as I was not leaving a big enough gap between shakes.

My question is do I go back on cd as I loved it but maybe not ss? Any advice would be brill can't get hold of cd yet but will try again later x
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Well first of all the 9lbs this week.. a lot isn't "real" weight as it is your body storing glycogen and the water retention that goes with that... the same way the big loss we all get the first week isn't all "real" loss but is loss of glycogen stores. So don't get disheartened about that hon.

I've heard about the stomach inflammation and VLCDs.. apparently some people's stomachs are a bit sensitive to all the minerals and so are advised to split the skakes so you have 6 small ones and drink a glass of water to help dilute the shake effect. Some Gaviscon or something would probably also help initially until the inflammation you have settles down.

I guess it now depends on you.....if there is no specific medical reason not to do CD (SS or otherwise) and you really found it worked for you then why not? From what you say there is no specific medical reason you need to eat food as there are other ways to reduce the current inflammation and reduce the risk of it happening again (as above).

As for the GP ... misdiagnosis and allowing personal opinions to affect his treatment of you? How dare he! He should have been honest about his feelings about VLCDs (which are actually recommended by the clinical (NICE) guidelines he should practice to as a weight management tool he should consider for his patients). And can we mention the misdiagnosis again???? It may be that you want to contact PALS and get their advice about whether a complaint is merited in this situation.

But so glad you don't have gallstones! Bonus!
S: 20st0lb C: 16st7lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 3st7lb(17.5%)
Oh.. and not sure whether you smoke but that's known to aggravate gastritis so ...


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Hi Mumto1 --

I think Gg has given you some very sound advice.

The nine poounds is probably your glycogen and water stores being replaced. You would start to lose again -- more slowly if you stuck to Slimming World. However, if you were happy on CD and do as Gg suggests (spilt the shakes, spread them out, drink you water in between, etc.) if you do not have the same ill effects then this could work for you.

I would certainly talk it over with your CDC. She can also speak to the CD specialists and get medical advice/support through them.

Good Luck. I am glad to hear that it was not something as dire, as thought.



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S: 19st10lb C: 19st10lb G: 12st11lb BMI: 43.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Gg xxx

I'm so glad I'm not ill but really cross with dr for basically lying to me I no everyone has their own opinions of vlcd which we are intitled to but to scare someone into thinking their Ill is so wrong. I'm seriously thinking of putting in a complant about him

On the topic of cd I think splitting shakes in to 6 would be a good idea never did that before so will have a chat with my CDC about it when I get hold of her. Many thanks again Gg I knew you would help xxxx will also stock up on some gavisgon lol
S: 20st0lb C: 16st7lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 3st7lb(17.5%)
You are more than welcome honey.

Have a chat to your local pharmacist.. explain that you have some mild gastritis and you cannot "exclude" the potential source for dietary reasons but do have advice on how to minimise the source aggravating it. Then ask what you can take to help resolve the current symtpoms you have... they can then advise maybe some 12 hour Zoton or something (preventative as well as relieving).
hey I am glad to hear that you dont have gallstones :) can I just ask how the other Dr knows you dont have them ? What were your origanal symptoms ?
I had gallstones and had my gallbladder removed in october and my consultant told me that CD was a great diet to be on with gallstones and to stay on till I had my op !!
mumto1, im so glad things are looking better for u.
just as a thought, it might be worth u asking ur doctor ( avoiding a certain useless doctor of course ) to put u on Lansoprazole.
i suffer from reflux and excess stomach acid build up. lansoprazole reduces stomach acid and really does help.


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S: 19st10lb C: 19st10lb G: 12st11lb BMI: 43.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Just wrote a long reply and battery went flat lol

I was told it was gall stones and an inflamed stomach which was why I was being/making myself sick as the pain was at the front top of my stomach round to my back and the only way I could get rid of the pain was being sick. No tests were done he just said it was down to cd but wouldn't treat me till I stopped it. Been off it a week and not been sick which U thought I would have I should have been due to eating, saw a different dr yesterday and she had no idea why I was there as nothing was in my notes, eplained i was doing cd she said I was having my shakes to close together 2,6 and 10pm if I spread them out I should be fine as all vitamins ect in shakes were going in to close to each other, as gg says try splitting in to 6 shakes with more water and gavisgon for acidy stomach. Think I've waffled bit but it's a long story. Will be complaining to surgery Monday about first dr.
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S: 19st10lb C: 19st10lb G: 12st11lb BMI: 43.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Gosh I did waffle can't read what I'm putting either as phone won't scroll down be glad when pc is fixed lol

Thanks Cheryl xx


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What a terrible Dr - I think complaining is a very good idea. Just another thought SW green days are very very carb heavy so that won't help - I know in the past if i did red days I would lose weight but green days I gained 7lbs a week each time i did a week of them - but then I know that carbs are not only my downfall but I am very sensitive to them - I even notice a difference if I eat CD bars instead of shakes (doesn't stop me eating them though) - have found a balance of 2 over the first 2 days and then my loss is ok - but 3 or more and it drops right off - this week will be bad as I have had one every day so far ;-(


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It's possible to get gall stones from following a VLCD for a long time, and given your symptoms it would be difficult to rule them out without follow up. But regardless of what diet you are on your GP is completely out of order!! Personal opinion should not come into treating patients!! And should not stop you from being treated or you symptoms investigated!!

I thought my Dr would have a fit finding out I was on CD, I went about something completely unrelated to diet, my weight hadn't been updated since before I started CD. He said "Oh you're clearly not 17 and a half stone anymore, well done! What did you do?"

I told him waited for the outrage, but he was great, told me that before people get referred for gastric bands/bypasses our surgery recommends VLCDs for a period of time to ensure that the patients will cope with the smaller quanities of food before they're referred for a costly operation.

Sorry I've waffled there, but I just wanted to let you know that lots of Drs support VLCDs and even recommend them. I've even spoken to Drs at the hospital I work at and the common thought is that obesity poses much more of a health risk than VLCDs like CD and LL.

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