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Advice needed please

Hi Guys
I havent been around much as been working and exercising rather a lot.

I am currently paying for a personal trainer twice a week, 1 hour sessions. She keeps an eye on my food and give me advice. We also have about a 45 workout each time to. I also do Body combat once a week, Body pump twice a week and body attack once a week, aswell as do some cardio work in the gym. So roughly doing 6 hours workouts a week, aswell as working 40+ hours.
What i need to know is in my first 4 weeks i lost 7lb and an inch from bust hips thighs waist. I am not feeling any thinner, clothes are a little looser but not much, what i am getting a is should i not be losing weight and toner a bit quicker??
I have to say food on a few days in the last 6 weeks wasnt great but not anywhere what i would normally have eaten.
Sorry for the long post but need to know if im wasting my money.
Though she is good and has got me past fitness levels i never thought id get to, if that makes sense.

Many thanks
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without seeing what you've eaten this will be hard to answer, but in 6 weeks I lost 16 inches all over aan all I did was stick to my original diet that i've successfully lost 7stone on, but increased my workouts to 3 aerobics classes in stead of 2 and 3 or 4 times a week on the treadmill.

I would think you should definitely have lost more inches and weight.

I'm sure someone will come along soon though who knows better than me!

Good luck


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Are you sure you're eating enough? Even to maintain you need 2000 cals per day, with all that exercise if you cut below 1500 then your body will hold on to what it's got!
Thanks for your replies guys. It could be do do with not eating enough but i am trying to eat small meals every 2-3 hours, or have at least a snack then a big meal breakfast, lunch and dinner, if that makes sense.
I am also trying to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water and have cut out the fizzy stuff!!
Its really hard to eat when your working but am trying to find time.
I will try eat more, i probably only eat 1500 cals a day if not less some days. And i suppose with the exercise i need to increase my food intake.

Thanks guys, my trainer said i hadnt eaten enough but kept thinking i cant keep eating. So she does talk sense and im not wasting my money... lol.
Well done to all you guys your doing really well
I was thinking the exact same with my weight loss, it's going slowly, but i've stuck to everything and ok i only do EA Sports and walk a lot, but i do about 4 hours of it a week and i'm hardly shifting the weight, thing is the diet i am, your only allowed certain points, so even when i have used all my points up and exercised... i'm still on some days only eating just over 1000 calories a day, but haven't a clue what to do, because i'm sticking to my diet and exercising ?? Does this mean i will have to find foods with more calories? but still try and stick within my diet guidelines? So confusing!
A few days of my food diary:
toast x 2
tuna salad
chicken stirfry
sf jelly

veggie sticks
ham sandwich (wholemeal bread)
carrots and salsa dip
toast and choc spread
chicken and steamed veg

porridge nuts and seeds
toast and cheese x 2
burger and baked potato and salad
coleslaw, houmous garlic bread
small piece apple pie and custard

jacket potato cheese and coleslaw and salad
nuts and seeds
mushroom and ham omelette

These are just a few days, i also try to drink minimum of 2litres of water a day.
I have also worked out i do at least 6 to 8 hours of exercise a week.
I do taken medication but cannot find anywhere that this should affect it.

I normally lose weight quicker then this.
I have to say i know my food hasnt been great but even with the bad days i used to have i would lose some weight.
Just a bit gutted really.


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