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advice needed please


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ok so I am on day 4 of my restart, I lost just over 2 stone last year then had a planned weekend off which turned into a year:8855:

I decided to do 100% ss because of what happened last time I just couldnt get back into it, would do 2 days then give in, I mean we all know how hard this is and you have to be in the right frame of mind.

My problem is this my best friend is getting married in june I told her I was back on cambridge and she was horrified, then she started talking about the hen night "Your my oldest friend you have to drink!! and at the wedding"

So there we have it pressure and a guilt trip I will be 1 month in to the diet and really am dreading it,:cry: have no idea how to get out of this, why cant people be a little more understanding
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Awww hugs hun. Some people just dont understand. hugs! xx


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why do you need to get drunk to be a friend??? I very rarely drink anything alcohol-wise as I find I just don't like the taste any more and yet I still manage to have a great time with my friends. I was sober for my best friend's hen night as I was driving and we had an absolute blast - its never bothered her at all.

Maybe try pointing out to your friend that you will be there for her hen night enjoying it with her but what difference does it make whether you are drunk or not? I certainly wouldn't fall for the guilt trip - she's certainly not feeling guilty when she's asking you to do something that doesn't work for you and its not as if you are saying you won't go!


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hmm i have lots of friends like this.my advice would be to just have a chat with her and explain that you are doing this for a few months and then you can go get drunk when your finished lol.

im a big drinker and i drove for the first time in years on week 0ne of the diet and i have to admit it wasnt the same lol but it certainly was an eyeopener lol.

if shes such a good friend then she will respect and support your decision 100 % hun.


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I'd just sit her down and tell her that whilst you wouldn't want to miss her big day / night you feel strongly about this diet so will be sticking to it - end of. If she's your friend she'll understand!!
some people really dont understand hun sending you hugs and you will do what you feel best for you i could go out when i was on CD before and not drink and have fab time take care xxx


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oh no .... she needs a reality check .... she ahould want you to feel confident and fresh for the wedding not frumpy and worn out :(.

I hope she comes round.

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