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Advice needed please


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Ok sorry to be a bore...first 3 days no trouble....just done day 4 and been hell...i know they say you can feel rough but not managed to keep any of my shakes down so slightly worried that today i've only had fluid if still feeling crap tomorrow how safe is to go on....dont feel like i've got stomach bug or anything....just nausia straight after shakes
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you should go to your pharmasist and maybe take a break for while.. if you arent keeping the shakes down then your body is not getting any nutrients... no nutrients can be dangerous and you may get weak and even faint.... I wouldnt think it is safe if you are not keeping the shakes down, but talk to your pharmasist tomorrow and they should be able to advise you.. good luck hun, hope you feel better soon xx


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cheers...dont want to fail so soon in.Was expecting to feel rough but this is something from hell....now hungry as hell and feeling kinda shaky .....hoping a nights sleep might cure all .will sleep with my fingers crossed


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Sounds like you do need to speak to your chemist or doctor..just in case.
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There is a nasty bug going round a the moment so its best to speak to your doctor if ya are feeling the same way in 24hrs. Hope ya are feeling better soon, take care
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Hope you are feeling a bit better today.. let us know how you get on today.. i am on my third day and have nothing like the symptoms you are citing so perhaps you do have the bug that is going around everywhere...xxx
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Hope it is just a bug that will pass. But that said, the day 3 to 4 crossover is the toughest time as thats when the detox starts to bite the most, the withdrawal from sugar, fats, caffeine etc. Took a day for me for that to pass, and was fine from day 5 onwards. Fingers crossed!!
Hope your feeling a bit better (at least!!!) today hun!!!! That day 4 is certainly a *****!!!!!! Could def be a bug tho so if you're not feeling better go to docs or chemists asap!! Good luck xxxxxx

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Are you drinking your shakes too fast and how much water are you adding? I used to feel real queasy after my shakes ( I think it was due to the high mineral content) so added more water and also drank water before the shake. Hope you feel better soon.XX
cheers for all posts.....feeling alot more human today....spoke to chemist this morning as first shake didnt go well...but he suggested i make it very weak in small amounts and sip it over morning...this worked and did same for lunch time one....as feeling better am actually looking forward to soup(god thats worring when soup seems like a treat lol)
vik xx
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glad you feel better hun.. try the soup with black pepper and chilli powder if you like them.. it works for me.. and do have a glass of water 10 minutes before the shake... glad you are still going... keep focused and i am sure youll get there!! xxxx

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