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advice needed please!

Tanya c

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Hi all, I recently ended the CD and was doing quite well keeping the pounds off. However recently, due to the stress of moving house, I have piled on a few pounds:(
Thing is, I have a few packs left from the last time i was on the diet and wondered whether it was a good idea to do 5 days on the diet and then come off and eat carefully and be healthy. I really am miserable about the weight I have gained and know that even a few days on CD will shed those pounds. I only fear that I won't be able to keep it off. Please help xxx
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Hi Tanya,
Maybe it would be better to go and see your CDC as when you go through the program it also teaches you how to maintain your weight

Good luck x
I think you should see your cdc. 5 days isnt a complete week and although you may lose a bit, you will barely be in ketosis. From your profile it looks like you have 40lbs to lose. wouldnt you be better off doing the complete programme for month or so? Then you could go up the steps as well, which I believe is one of the keys to maintanance. just a suggestion

Tanya c

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Hi yeah that sounds really the best idea but unfortunately I am unemployed at the moment and can't really afford it at the mo.


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Hi Tanya,

You could use up your packs for the 5 days, that should get you into ketosis, then follow a low carb, low calorie plan....(just make sure you take a multi vitamin).

As long as you keep an eye on your calorie intake, you should still be able to lose weight.

Good luck with whatever you decide.:D

Cat Bee x

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I would calll your CDC first of all. You could go on a higher plan 1200 or 1500 where you still lose 2lbs on average a week and then only pay for 2 packs a day whcih would be cheaper. Talk to your CDC and see what options there are for you. No point, in my opinion, on doing it for 5 days and say you'll eat healthy...as you've tried this and it didn't work. Or go to WW where it's £5 ish a week and cheaper if you don't mind losing the weightly slowly.

Whatcha going to do hun?

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