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advice needed plz

hi everyone im in need of advice i am currently on lighter ife diet im on week 6 now and finding it very expensive not to mention being disapointed with my last couple of wi only being 2.2 and 2.4 and have been thinking of joining ww with my friend and my mum how ever im really scared about gaining the weight i have lost total 1st 5lbs when returning to food but im sure i can loose just as much weight on ww per week as ll and still get to enjoy foods and eating an evening meal with my family i have so missed that !so any advice and suggestions id be really greatful x
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Hey, ive never done lighter life myself, but well done on your weight loss so far. Im doing weight watchers at the mo, and realistically you could be losing 2lbs a week, on a smaller budget and eating anything you want to. You wont put weight back on if you make good food choices, maybe try the core plan for the first while??

Good luck hun :D
There are quite a few people on here who have swapped from CD to WW and most of them seem to have a week where they maintain and then they start losing. You might want to build up to your full points allowance gradually.
Hey hun just to add, the average weekly losses on CD/LL are generally a fair bit higher than WW, but as has already been said, the average loss on WW is up to 2lbs a week. But, I love that you get to eat lots of yummy stuff on WW where with LL you can't eat anything. Its great!! (I'm a convert, can you tell!??!?)

Good luck in making your decision xxx


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You might put on a couple of pounds when you start eating again but it will just be water not fat. If you want to stay on a VLCD don't forget the Cambridge Diet is much cheaper than lighter life & I think you have more shakes etc to chose from.

If you want to go back to eating then weight watchers say you can lose 1-2 pounds a week on their plan :D

Good luck with whatever you decide to do:)
thank you all so much for your kind replies im gonna go to a pop in weigh in this evening and see how that goes but i will be joining ww at some point in near future if not now than in few weeks time thanks again xx

I have never tried the shake diets but the idea of not being able to sit down with my family and eat puts me off straight away.:eek: You say that you worry about putting on weight if you swapped to ww and started eating food again but what will happen when you have achieved your goal weight surely you can not stay on shakes forever you have to eat again at some time!!!
I only joined ww 3 weeks ago and my money is quite tight so I am sticking to it as well as I can I dont want to waste my £5.50 fee a week ..
In 3 weeks I have lost 1/2 stone and have enjoyed my food ....I think you should go for it...What have you got to loose...just weight!!!:wave_cry:

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