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Advice Needed: Restart when TOTM

Hi all :), i dont think anyone remembers me but i did CD a year ago today but i have been trying to restart ever since i had to stop due to too many problems. :(

Its nice to see so many people taking control of their weight issues and starting CD. It is a truely amazing diet and it does work. The best advice that i could give to anyone doing CD is to definatley do the maintenance stages. It is the best way to start a healthy lifestyle of healthy eating and portion control and it will prevent weight gain. Also keep drinking your water because not only will it help with increasing your weightloss but it will also give you gorjus clear skin and healthy nails, hair and eyes.

I also have a few more tips and advice about what i found useful when i did CD before, and if anyone wishes to hear about them let me know and i would be happy to share my experiences.

I lost 3 stones last year but have managed to gain 1/3 of it all back over the space of a year :rolleyes:. I am alittle dissapointed with myself but i am more determined this time round as i know what to expect and i have more of an idea of what things to put into place to keep me fit and healthy.

Anyway, back to the title of this post.

I have decided to give the diet another go and restart again. I am on DAY 2 at the moment and managed to get through DAY 1 with with no problems or any hunger at all :eek:, which found very very confusing:confused:. I am not feeling any hunger today either so i dont know if the diet is working.:confused:

I have also started my period today over a week early and now i am worried that i will not have a big first week loss and i will be disheartened and not want to continue :(. I am trying to stay positive by trying to look at the bigger picture of what i will achieve at the end of diet and telling myself that i will have a bigger loss in the second week but i was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar with starting CD during TOTM and if anyone could offer any advice. :)

At the moment i haven't got a CDC but i have contaced a few and i hope to start with 1 in a weeks time after i have showed myself that i can do this diet by getting through week 1 :). I have 1 weeks worth of milkshakes left over from my restarts but my parents are borrowing me the money to do the first few weeks of the diet because my finaces are abit all over the place at the moment. I will contact a CDC in a weeks time after i am sure that i can do the diet by getting through week 1 so i dont waste my parents money. I hope that makes sense :rolleyes:.

Anyway, i would appreciate any advice about restarting when its TOTM. Although i am worried about the week 1 weightloss, i feel really determined to complete the diet.

I hope everyone is doing well on the diet today and i wish you all the best of luck with it.:)

I am looking forward to meeting everyone on the boards, sharing my exepreinces, knowledge and weightloss journey.:)

If anyone would like a buddy, feel free to PM me and i will reply with my MSN addy and try to be as supportive as i can :).

Sorry about the long post but i wanted to introduce myself and explain my situation. But i also have a habit of long posts, sorry :eek:.

Speak to you all soon :) xx
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Hi there, welcome back!

I am in week 4 and well a little disappointed in how little weight I have lost! I am sure you will do really well!

I would love any hints and tips you can give me.
Hi there, welcome back!

I am in week 4 and well a little disappointed in how little weight I have lost! I am sure you will do really well!

I would love any hints and tips you can give me.
Hi, thanks for the welcome :)

I hope you're having a good day with the diet. First of all i wanted to say well done for sticking with the diet and geting to week 4, thats a big achievement in itself because this diet is major difficult, so you should be very proud.

I have noticed that you have lost 10lbs so far, thats so fab. Are you on SS, because you will lose a stone a month if you stick to it 100%. So please dont be dissapointed with your losses because you have done so well and you still have your week 4 weightloss to look forward to.

How much water are you drinking? I found that 3-4 litres gave me the best weightloss. Also what does STS stand for?? I think i have been away from the message boards too long and am not aware of the new lingo, lol. Are you doing any exercise as well as SS?? Because that can slow down weightloss.

I'm sorry i cant be of anymore help, i am trying to think off the top of my head and do my uni assignments aswell, lol.

Good luck for the rest of the day :) xx

Nice to see you!!! :D

Good luck with your restart. If you are not hungry, see it as a bonus.

Not alot to lose in the grand scheme of things, it'll be off in no time!!
Hi hun, thanks for your message. I hope you are well.

STS=stayed the same.
Oh, lol, that makes sense.

Mhairi - Lou: i also thought i would metion that when i first did the diet i had a weightloss of about it 2lbs in the second week and i was so disheartened and ready to quit but i now know that it was probably just my body geting used to the diet and i was also due on my period. Stay positive, you will lose the weight if you stick to SS 100% :)

I best get back to my assignments, i will check in later to say hi :) xx
hi maybe-baby,

just wanted to say best of luck with your restart. well done on your weight loss so far. you will be at goal in no time. you sound really positive that you are going to do it this time and you will. just stay strong.

becky x
I justed wanted to say that I had no real hunger from the word go, anything I did have was staved off by the oceans of water I was consuming and I lost 9.6lbs in my first week. I doubt the fact that you are not feeling hungry will negatively impact on your losses

Best of luck....
Hi all, thank you for your replys.

I'm trying to stay positive and stick with the diet. For most of the day i haven't experienced any hunger, but in the last hour the cravings have started to kick in. I have felt a tiny bit of hunger but i'm thinking its psychological.

Its really strange because i have found that although i feel really positive about the diet i still have times when i cant see why i am doing the diet, does that make sense, lol.

I think my main problem with the diet will be the my taste buds. I cant stomach any of the soups and the only milkshake i like is choc mint and the only bar i can stomach is the choc bar. So basically i have to live off chocolate whilst SSing and it can get boring :(

I have tried to make a muffin before which was very yummy but i didn't use any sweetners, so i am hoping to try that when i see my CDC. I also wantto try the leek and potato soup, has anyone tried it and is it nice??

I'm also having problems with my water. I am fine with how much i have to drink, its just that i cant drink it unless its very cold and then i get a very bad throat from drinking cold water. So i am looking forward to having the bars after week 2 and i hope the leek and potatoe soup is nice.

Anyway, how is every1 doing today?? I hope you've all had a good day.

Speak soon xxx

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