Advice needed - want to eat - should I change to 790?

Hi all

Would love some advice from all you about which CD plan might suit me best at the moment. Have done LL and more recently CD since the end of March and have found them both fab and am chuffed to bits with my 7st4lb loss:D :D :D

However, I am finding it very hard to stick to SS at the moment as I feel hungry some of the time which I have not experienced for any of the previous time on a VLCD. I haven't had a totally food free day for a while though often it is just a slice of apple or a few grapes. I expect picking at carbs isn't helping but even before I lapsed I was feeling peckish. On a couple of occasions I have eaten but made surprisingly sensible choices for me - 1/2 a chargrilled vegetable wrap, small chicken salad. On other occasions I have made unwise choices - bit of chocolate, cheese, flapjack - but have tried to look at the positive side in that I have had TINY amount compared to how I used to eat and not gone crazy bingeing. I do still feel "guilty" as I am supposed to be SSing and I want to try and get away from guilt around food in the future.

I am lucky in that my "cheating" hasnt affected my weight loss and I have lost a stone in the last month when the lapses have occurred. My BMI is currently 25.3 and i had been hoping to lose another 7lbs or so before moving up the stages but I'm not sure now. I'm sure alot of it is psychological hunger and, for me, once you have lapsed once, it is harder to get back on track, but I wonder if my body is after a few more calories now I have much less fat to live off than before? I am also more active than I used to be now I have so much more energy and usually walk 2 miles+ a day pushing my twins in their buggy (developing arm muscles!) so I wonder if that is having an effect too?

Sorry to ramble on but would really welcome your opinions and advice or just a kick up the backside and tell me to keep my eyes on the prize!
At the end of the day it is your decision if you are doing CD talk to your counsellor. Am thinking they may recommend the 790 plan as it should fit around what you are doing at the moment and it is still a weight loss plan.

You should not be doing SS anymore or even 790 if your BMI is 25.3.

Having said that, you should change to AAM for three days then move to 790 to end of week then over to 1000 cals.

Discuss this with your counsellor, the reason you are feeling hungry is because you body now needs to eat.

You need to do the smaller steps to allow your body to adjust.

I have a lady who has moved through the steps and started 1000 cals last week today at her weigh in today she was worried as she had eaten so much she thought she had gained weight. She lost 3.5 lb and another inch of her waist.

If you follow the programmes correctly and follow stabilisation you will still lose weight up to and including the 1500 cals programme.

It is time to start stabilisation.

Well done on your excellent weightloss, you now need to start introducing food correctly to be able to have long term maintainance.

Have a chat with your counsellor.

CD Counsellor:)
Hi Sarah

Can't give much advice but just wanted to say WELL DONE on your excellent weight loss!!!!

I've only just done 2 weeks on CD & doing ok so far?!?

Also noticed you have twins! So have i, my 2 are 3 & driving me mad at the mo :rolleyes:

Well done again & whatever you decide i hope you are successful

Lorraine xx
Well done on your weight loss and good luck with moving up the stages.
What a fantastic achievement!! I bet you're in those skinny jeans now!!! :)
Thank you all very much for your kind comments and advice, particularly Linda CDC, that was really helpful and informative. I will discuss it all with my lovely CDC on Tuesday and I think move up as you have suggested, she is very helpful and lets me make decisions on how I can get the plan to work for me so I think she let me continue SS as I had hinted I was still quite "scared" of food, but I think sometimes I need to be told what to do!:)

It really helped to know that my body legitimately is probably wanting food now, has made me feel so much better and not like I was just being "weak and greedy" LOL. I must get better at seeing what I have achieved rather than just areas where I think I have "failed".

Thanks again - I feel so much more positive today as a result, this forum is a lifesaver!:D :D :D
Hi Sarah,

I think after all the hard work and because we know that it is easy to put the weight back on again it can be intimidating to eat and that is a natural response.

But as CD Counsellor has said if you work up the steps you will be fine.

Well done on getting this far!

Love Mini xxx
pmsl oh yeah, i didnt even see that until i got to the end lol how funny....tho i wonder how she is doing now :)