Advice needed


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Hi all,
Ive been on zenical for just a week now, the reasons im on them are to try and stop me eating as much crap as i do (choc bars & cakes included). Im around 5 or 6 stone overweight. My questions are when you all stated or even now do you have bad days?
I have been fab for 6 days then yesterday went overboard on the high fat things again and paying the price last night :sigh:. Does this happen to you all? Im hoping i wont be doing this to often.
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hey there. yes unfortunatly you will suffer if you go over the 5g of fat per 100g rule and over 15g per meal/45g per day rule. xenical doesnt like fat at all so any goes it, it IS going to come out again :(


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I had a day like that...Hubby bought me home too much chocolates and I gave in... :(


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We all have days like that so dont worry, just forget about it and get back to the healthy eating!! Try and resist you will feel much better in yourself for it.. What i do is after weigh in i treat myself to a little choccy bar so i dont feel deprived. Anyone will tell you you have to work these foods in some way, otherwise you will fail completely.. Dont tell yourself you cant have them just say not today or i will have them when i have had a good week.. Gives you something to look forward to. Good luck :D


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Good idea Rach.. :)