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Advice needed.

Hi guys

I was hoping someone could give me some advice please.

My boyfriend and I are seriously considering going to Orlando on the 15 October for 2 weeks. We were lucky enough to go last year too and had an amazing time. However I am concerned about messing up my diet. I'm doing ss now and I know this wouldn't be an option for me while I'm there. I don't mind coming off ss while I'm there but I don't want to just pile back on the weight!

There is just over 6 weeks left until I would go....could I stay on ss for the next 3 weeks, work up the steps for the next 3 weeks and eat low carb while I'm there ? What effect woulf this have ?

Any ideas please ? I know I could just start moving up the steps now but I would really like to lose as much as possible before we go.

Thanks for listening and sorry if it seems I'm moaning about something which I realise I'm very lucky to be able to do.
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Ok you really need to chat this through with your CDC !!

Looking at your stats then you are not that far from finishing anyway, I have you down as 11 stone dead if your ticker is correct and hence if it is six weeks away then I would recommend the following.

Do SS for another four weeks or until you hit 10 stone exactly (whichever is sooner!)

Then 2 weeks before you go I would do 3 days 790/4 days 1000/3 days 1200 and 4 days 1500

This will then mean you are back on normal food intake before you go, please DON'T SS up to going to the airport as you will freak your body out to go from nothing to American portions :)

When over there it IS possible to eat healthy, try and avoid the EAT AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE places as the food tends to be high fat, high calories etc etc and also you tend to eat more!

If you go out for meals then if you can try and eat healthy, at the end of the day it is your holiday but if you can choose granary over white bread, low fat salad dressings over high fat, no butter on jacket spuds etc etc etc then you will at least do less damage.

But life is for living so don't ruin your holiday worrying about the calories in a pretzel!! But make sensible choices when you can.




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Great advice from Icemoose as ever.

Have a fab time.

Thank you so much for your advice. Unfortunately I'm 12 stone exactly (due a wi tomoorow). Do you still think I could do wahat you suggest ?

Oh and I know I'm very lucky! I really do love it there. It's so much fun!!
Then I would just do it when you get to 11 stone, that way you get adequate time to stabilise your weight / glycogen / tummy before you go.

You do a hell of a lot of walking over there so make sure you drink loads of water and if you make sensible choices then I doubt you will put on very much. Last year I put on 2 pounds but that dropped within a week of getting back, I just avoided things like huge cheesecake slices etc but did have a few marguerritas :)

Thanks Mike!!

I'll discuss it with my cdc but I think I would like to give it a go following your advice.

As you say I will just try to make sensible choices wherever possible and hope the walking burns off the occasional treat! I walk alot but even I had sore feet from all the walking we did last year! Well worth it though!!
Did you go on Philarmagic??? Just blew me away!!

We are already booked to go back next year and stay in a Disney resort this time so counting the days already!!

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Hi Mike

Whilst we are on the subject of holidays wanted to ask the benefit of your wisdom. I am going for three days to Barcelona at the end of September. I was intending to SS and then on those three days do 790, ie, just have a small meal of chicken or fish to keep hubby company at restaurants in the evening - do you think this would be okay? Don't really want to work up through the plans for three days if possible.

Hiya P

If you are planning a 790 approach while there then no reason not to move straight from SS to it, might be worth going to 790 for a few days before in case of any bloating feelings etc you may have and to get used to the food but you should be fine.

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Thanks Mike you're a diamond!


Yes, Philarmagic is so good !! I loved all the rides and the shows are great, I thought Fantasmic was amazing !!

We are really pushing it by trying to go with such short notice so fingers crossed everything will work out, would be really dissapointed if it fell through now! We are hoping to stay at a Disney resort too (A buget one, funds allowing). We stayed on Intl. Drive last year and although it was good we said if we went back we would try stay in a Disney resort. When are you going back? We went last November and the weather was still nice and hardly any queues at all. Plus all the Xmas stuff was up too which was really magical.
We are going next April and staying in the Carribean Beach Resort, it's a moderate resort but my friend works for Virgin so managed to get us a good discount so it was the same price as the pop century / all stars.

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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