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    Hello all,

    I'm Tara, 24 years old and in desperate need to lose weight. I feel so uncomfortable in my skin and my self- esteem went out in the rubbish about 3 years ago!!

    I am 5ft 4 and currently weigh 11.7 stones and the lowest I ever got following Rosemary Conley and slimming world has been 10.7. I just can't seem to get past that weight for some reason and it's not good!!

    My aim is to lose about 2 stone or become a easy size 10, whichever comes first!! I have hypothyroidism too so that doesn't help at all!

    Anyways I've been eating healthy and going to the gym now for over 2 months and I have had no weight loss. My body fat % has gone up which is even worse to a whopping 36.1%!!

    My bloods have been checked and they are showing my thyroid levels are in the "normal range" so I can't increase my dosage of 125mcg.

    Anyways I've hit rock bottom and tried everything except no/low carb diets so I'm gonna give it a bash!!

    I'm not planning on following a set diet, I don't really understand them and can't afford to join classes/online clubs so I'm doing it alone!! I've been reading up about the keto diet and want to give it a try! Really have nothing to lose (except weight! Lol!)

    Anyways I need a bit of support and guidance to make sure I'm on the right lines. I was originally gonna try the cyclical ketogenic diet cos the thought of carbing up at weekends REALLY appealed to me but now thinking about it I'm worried I would keep feeling crappy all week every week cos my body would have to start ketosis again every week!!

    So...I intend to:

    Well I did some maths based on Ckd and after working it out I should have the following daily:

    Protein 102 grams equivalent to 408 cals
    Fat 54 grams equivalent to 492 cals

    Thus giving me a total cal intake of 900 Cals a day!

    My BMR from those machines at gym is apparently 1538 but cos I have hypothyroidism I just took 638 cals off that to compensate (500 being what they recommend u should take off!)

    Firstly do you think this amount of cals is too low???

    Now what was I planning to eat! typical day:

    Fibre supplement
    Possibly a fat supplement (good fat!)
    Bacon rashers
    Eggs (lots!)

    Protein whey isolate shake (low carb) 17g of protein per shake (maybe 2 of these a day)

    Bacon etc etc
    Salad leaves

    Sugar free jelly

    Am I on the right lines??

    I'm also only drinking water and having one coke zero a day as a treat (nothing with citric acid!)

    I'm awaiting some liquid sucralose for my morning brew but until then I'm not gonna drink tea or coffee.

    I intend to do low intensity exercise every other day whether this be walking or resistance training.

    What do u all think?? Am I wasting my time??

    I've bought some ketostix and have them in my possession. I intend to start this tomorrow and will be going to the shop this evening to buy all the products.

    This isn't an impulse decision, I've been reading for a while, tomorrow is a good day cos I'm off work now till Monday so I can be as cranky and lazy at home as I like! ?

    Well that's me!! Hope someone can help!!

    Look forward to hearing from u all!!

    Tara xxx
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    Hi Tara, good luck and i hope low carb works for you:). It's been a godsend for me and i never would have thought i could enjoy food AND loose weight.

    Feel free to come on over to the atkins board - it's very lively and you'll get lots of advice, as can be a bit quiet here. We're not too strict and have lots of people doing different lo carb versions and even some carby diaries we drool over:) Just tell us what your plan is and then people can help

    Good luck:D
  4. Tiaratara

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    Hi kat1e!

    Thanks for your advice! I will paste this thread onto the atkins thread!

    I went to the supermarket tonight and I couldn't believe just how much food had carbs in! I just ended up with a trolley of cheese and cooked meats! Lol!!

  5. Kat1e

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    Lol - you will have to become a label detective! Indeed scary the amount of sugar we've been unknowlingly eating:eek:
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