ADVICE NEEDED???!!!???!!


Back On CD.......
S: 15st7lb C: 12st13lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 2st8lb(16.59%)
Hiya Guys,

Just wanted a bit of advice really.. :rolleyes:

Back on CD yet again, Lost 9lb last wk (1st wk)
Been ggod this week, had a couple of nibbles (chicken etc) but nothing major that would affect weight. I am drinking minimum 5l a day.

A couple of days I found that I have only had 2 packs..
Mind you yesterday I thought I had a pack at work & I didnt so I finished at 2, up until then I drank 4l to stop me from feeling hungry, went home had a tetra but started getting a headache & feeling quite sickly, so sickly I couldnt face anymore liquid, so I only managed 1 pack yesterday & 5l..

Get on the scales this morning & have lost 1lb since monday!!! WTF...

What am I doing wrong???????? :cry::cry:

Advice Needed please... xxx

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If you do not have all your packs your body can start holding onto anything you have. Plus despite you saying that what you are picking isn't affecting your weight loss it just might be. I drink 4 litres a day but I only have 2 litres by 2pm. Why not spread the water out more? Plus why not have a pack in the morning? 4 litres by 2pm is alot of water.


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Agreed im on LL but i know that to be true of all VLCD diets, also its natural your body will hold on some weeks and let go on the others. Just keep going you will be fine ;)


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Got to do with lack of nutrients/vitamins due to you having less packs. Stick with it and the weight will go. If need be, reduce your water intake so you can manage your packs. Good luck