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Advice needed !


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Is it usual for a cdc to run out of stock on a regular basis?
My cdc is lovely but......
Wk1 was fine
WK2 she forgot our appointment and had to dash home to meet me.
WK3 CDC was away for 2 weeks so I collected pre arranged order from her relative.
WK4 Went to collect order (as she was away) but she had forgotten to get my bits together, so I had to get her relative to get my order, but lots of stuff out of stock
WK 5 Knowing stock situation, I called few days before next appt with my order, so that she could re order. Some bits still not in stock.
wk6 I haven`t booked an appt yet, but as she will be away again for all of WK7, she has asked me to take two weeks worth in one go.

I like this lady, there are CDCs much closer to me, and I feel I should change, BUT, just wanted to know what is and what isn`t usual for a cdc.
Any advice appreciated !
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Sorry to say it but she doesnt sound very helpful and supportive. I would change to one that is available for advice and has the stock.
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Really I think CDC's should have all products in stock, fair enough if they run out of one thing and then order it in and get it to you as quick as possible. It doesn't sound great especially forgetting your appointment. Maybe you should look at other CDC's.


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Hmm i can understand them running out of stock once, but it seems she does it quite often. Is she a new CDC so getting used to having stock etc?

As for missing a meeting, it could happen, but make sure it doesnt happen again. If this keeps going it might be worth seeing a couple other CDC.

Maybe talk to your CDC and see how much in advance she needs your order to ensure she has everything?
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My cdc has ran out of one soup last week and offerd to bring it round or post it as soon as it came in. I think if she had offerd something like that then maybe it would off been ok. I think a change is in order.

miss jelly tot

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My CDC ran out of porridge this week.... Im dying without it already! :(
Im meeting my new CDC tonight. He has already told me his delivery is late so no Apple and Cinamon porridge. He has got plain which I will flavour but don't know how you can manage without!
I would look at changing CDC. I think one of rules for CDC's is to stock all the products? I'm no expert though.


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I would change CDC to be honest.

My CDC is brill - she is happy to pop items around if she has run out and I wanted that item. If I dont lie anything she is happy to exchange items.

She is happy to change appointment times at short notice (my work problems), she also text or calls me during the week to see how I am doing.

Let us know how you get on or if you decide to change.


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i would change. mine is fabulous, i really like her. i always send my order through at least a week before to make sure all the stock is there when i go. once she ran late for my appt and she gave me a £5 off voucher which was good.


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Thankyou all for your replies ! I`ve placed orders for the next two weeks, so I will change after that.

I feel awful doing so, since she is so nice, but I`m not getting any support at all, in fact, all the info I`ve got so far has come from here !!!
Thanks again !!


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Don't feel too about it, you are definitely doing the right thing, she sounds a bit of a shambles and you need to be able to rely on your CDC. Mine is fab, sees me at home at a non-offical time, lets me come round and swap things plus sits and has a good chat with me.
Even if she is nice, don't feel bad- remember that you are a client, it is expensive and you are paying for a service.
See the sticky on here about 'what you can expect from a CDC'- it might make you feel more justified.

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