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Advice needed

Hi all

Firstly can I say just how much I love love love this forum, I have been a bit of a lurker for the last 2 weeks and have never really posted very much on forums before but thought this looked like a really lovely and friendly place to start.

Anyway my problem is, I am on day 14 of CD and feeling fantastic :D. When I first met my CDC I had decided to follow SS+, so I started by having 4 shakes a day plus skimmed milk. But since ketosis has kicked in I have have days where I have only had 3 shakes a day. Is this bad? should I make more of an effort to fit the extra shake in? Should I speak to my CDC about SSing? She told me to never SS without telling her and I have and I feel really bad.:copon:

Please don't shout at me :eek:
Sylv x
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Hi Slyv welcome to Mini's :) I'm currently on week 4 now - where has the time gone?

Are you tall? Anyone over 5"7' has to take the 4 packs to make sure they are getting enough nutrients. I believe it could put your body into starvation mode to skip a pack, which is dangerous.

Good luck with your journey - and keep taking all your packs :)


WILL be Slim!
i think it might be more to do with the doctors approval...more a paper record than anything else but i could be wrong...
I did the same, started on 4 packs and milk but just couldnt fit it all in so i went SS too....best thing i ever did...but i did it with the approval of my cdc so even if you give her a call...make sure you keep her in the loop...thats what she is there for hun!

Thanks for the welcome shopaholic :) Time flys when your on CD hey, that's good news!

I'm 5ft 4" so shouldn't be doing any harm by only having 3 shakes a day. I just feel so guilty. Almost like I have cheated by not following the plan properly.

Thanks LizzMB, I feel better knowing that I'm not the pnly one. Did your weight loss increase by much after you went SS? I have just confessed to my CDC via email. She is a lovely lady and I'm sure she will understand and will send me to the doctors pronto!

Thanks again ladies:)

Sylv x


WILL be Slim!
I did it within the first week so i didnt weigh in on SS+ at all so dont know if there was any difference....but i lost 13lbs in my first week so it cant be bad! lol
Glad you have confessed...they need to know what they are working with to give you proper advice! I couldnt bare going back to 4 a day AND milk now! euch! I only just manage to fit 3 in! lol
You certainly havent cheated....going down plans is ok...its eating thats cheating when your on SS so dont even think about fretting about it!
Hi Sylv, It is to do with letting your GP know, and your CDC is a great one to make sure the rules are followed.

Having 3 packs per day at 5ft 4 and not contraindicated is absolutely fine, and will give you all the daily nutrients you need. You cant drop below three packs though.
Weight loss is fab, well done x

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