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Advice on going back into ketosis


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Hi all, I'm on day 3 of my re-start, and so far not too bad (had to throw away the peanut butter last night it was getting tooooo tempting so my poor children will have to go without until I can manage it again!! :eek:)

Anyhow I am going to my best friend's wedding on Saturday. I did ask her if she didn't have to, to not order food for me - anyhow she texted last night and said that she had to (I think the hotel is on hard times and so want the money!!) anyhow I do think it will be hard at a sit down meal to not eat anything - I have the smoked salmon for starters so that's ok - I will avoid the potatoes - there's profietroles for pudding so there MAY be a problem there but hopefully I will be strong enough!! I am not staying for the evening do so won't have to avoid the buffet.

So if what I eat does kick me out of ketosis, I intend to get straight back onto the wagon on Sunday (big incentive - the Isle of Wight festival is on in three and a half weeks and last year when I was 2 stone lighter I met a really yummy man there - we went on a couple of dates but it fizzled out mainly due to distance but if he is there again I don't want to be too huge - and if he's not then I will feel happier in myself if I've lost some weight by then! Chances of me seeing him in 55,000 people are slim, I admit, but who knows?!:rolleyes: Gosh I'm sad!!! :eek:)

Anyhow for those who have had a meal out or a slip up and who got straight back on, how long does it take to go back into ketosis? Will I be looking at another 3 days or will it be quite quick cos the stores won't be there, just the glycogen from what I eat on Sat? I know everyone is different, and I do tend to be one of the lucky ones who goes into ketosis quite quickly, but I just wondered what other people's experiences are.

Sorry for the ramble I'm avoiding waking my twins up but I think I will have to get going now or my daughter will be late for school!!!!

Thanks for any input!

Kangy xx
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I had a similar situation last weekend at a wedding, but unfortunately all my good intentions for eating only protein & green veg went right out the window. And then some lol :eek: It took me a couple of days to get back into the right frame of mind again after eating but i reckon i was back in ketosis before the weekend was out (the wedding was on Friday). Again i'm quite lucky that i go into ketosis quite quickly. And i still lost 4.5 pounds last week but that just may have been luck.
All i can say is enjoy the day and stick to your plan for eating as best you can - i felt crap physically & mentally for my slip-up & as i said it took a couple of days for me to mentally let it go.

Sorry prob not much help but good luck!


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No Karen that's great! Thank you! I am going to try and stick to the protein and veg! Well done for getting back into it too, that's so hard. Your losses are fab!


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The only advice I can give is drink plenty of water, if it does knock you out of ketosis, at least you're flushing it out of your system.

Hope it all goes well


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I had a night off last night went for a curry first time since well before I started diet in October. I've carried on though this morning and eaten a sandwich and some cake left over from my birthday (which I did not have on the day) So I intend to get back on my wagon by tomorrow. Good luck to you (and me)


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Andrea - I hadn't thought of that, but yes that will help won't it? Thank you! :)

Dragonfly - Hope you get back on ok tomorrow! That's what worries me is once I've started will I stop? I do plan to! ;)

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