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Advice on shakes

Hi everyone, my name is Moximc, I'm a new lipotrim starter. I'll tell my story in another thread but I just want to ask a question. My carrier bag says that shakes should be made up and then drunk within 15 minutes. However, I work nightshifts, and I think the best way for me to do the diet is to have a shake at breakfast and dinner times and then one at work about 3am. The thing is, I work in a caring job, and I can't start blending at 3am when the people I look after are asleep. I don't want to make up the shake with a whisk as previous Slimfast shakes I've done with a whisk didn't mix properly and were really horrible! So I was planning to blend my shake at home and take it with me. Do you think this will make a real difference?
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Hi moximc

it is recommended you dont make them up beforehand...I think it has got something to do with the vitamins and minerals being soluable and basically, you will be running on empty as there will be no goodness, just calories! Which defeats the object of the shakes as they are there to help us injest the vitamins, etc we need.

The pharmacist should have a shake beaker? I have one as I make my shakes at work and honestly, they are great. They have a little sieve at the top and it seems to smooth them out. I would be surprised if the pharmacist didnt have them. If not, just try a bottle in the interim and if you need one, let me know and I can get one for you! You can PM me your address, etc..but, you really should be able to get one.

This will stop you making a noise, which isnt advisable at 3am.

Hope your Day 1 is going well and good luck. It is a hard diet, but BOY, it is one of the best I have ever tried and the support on here is next to nothing.

Good luck but let me know if you struggle with the shaker.

Take care


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Cant say much more than the above!

But all of the essential nutrients your body needs disolve after 15 minutes xxx


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I'm in much the same position as you. I have to have my shakes with ice and blended (so they are like a McD's shake). I am hoping to have finished my LT journey before my next lot of placement but I will take my blender if I really have too. If you shut the door in the office/kitchen will it be that noisy? We have a staff canteen but I so hope I will be finished by then. I have taken the soup in to college in a flask before but its not recommended (although it seems to taste better!)
Exactly what has been stated about the shake loosing it's nutrients so i would advise not making it up before hand.

I also have a shaker from the pharmacy,think it cost me £4.95 you can pick similar up cheaper.Another possibility -have you thought about trying the flapjacks and nibbling on one of those whilst at work? They are like marmite,you either love them or hate them :D

Perhaps also you may want to have a word with kered or janD as they both work nights and managed their LT.

Welcome and good luck on your LT journey.
Cant make them up beforehand

I just use my protein shaker works a treat
Thanks for all the advice. I've ordered a shaker, and I guess I'll just have to have lumpy whisked shakes for a couple of nights till it arrives!
lol well done on getting one ordered, it does make it much easier having it


Life is not a Rehersal!
Brill, glad you got the shaker, it will make all the difference....if you can cope with it lumpy the first few days, you will breeze through it afterwards!!! they will then taste even more delish!!!!!!

Have a good week.

Thanks for all the advice. I've ordered a shaker, and I guess I'll just have to have lumpy whisked shakes for a couple of nights till it arrives!
If you have to wait to get your shakes use a 1ltr water bottle, fill with your required amount of water, empty the sachet in and shake. I have done this twice before and haven't had a "lumpy" shake yet x
yes - i've made shakes up in a 500ml bottle on emergency occasions and it's fine.

best of luck with your LT journey!!

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