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advice please hubby dropped my iphone in the bath!!!


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I have only had it 2 weeks and he uses it allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time which i dont mind whatsoever, not even when he hands it back with no battery grrr lol
but tonight he took it in the bath and dropped it in there.
It keeps turning off and it clearly has water damage!

What do i do? Can i claim on my insurance already? and can i actually say my numpty husband dropped it in the bath or what?


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I am no expert but I would have thought if you have an all risks policy that you can claim.

What a bummer. I once put mine in the washing machine and it died permanently lol. It was very clean but it never worked again. My insurance covered that.

I also lost one in the sea when in a moment of exuberance and at midnight, walking on the beach, I ran into the sea fully clothed. End of phone !!!! and yes I am 67 years old and yes I am a nutcase lol !!!


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i think you should be fine to claim aslong as you are covered for accidental damage, my mum sat on my laptop (!!) and buggered the screen completely and we were covered for that, have a look on your insurance documents hun xx


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My bf is the same, these guys need to get their own phones eh?! I dunno about the insurance tho - I would just phone up and explain what's happened. I think it depends on your network provider. When I was with TMobile they wouldn't fix my phone without charging a lot, and they wouldn't give me a replacement for the 28 days they wanted to take my broken one away for!! Now I'm with Orange and they're brilliant - my bf's last phone got replaced about 3 times, all for free and done within 48 hours. I've heard good things about O2 as well! Let us know how you get on x


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well hes gone and broken his own phone now but his is crap one!

I am trying to air it out as i know if you say water damage they sometimes wont sort it out!
The problem with Iphones is the complete inability to get inside them. Water obviously doesnt have that sort of problem but airing them out is impossible because you cant take the back off or anything. I would perhaps try putting it on a towel on a warm radiator for a few hours and see if that helps to dry it, but with only very limited access to internals, I am not sure how the water will escape via evaporation. Worth a try before calling the insurers.


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iPhone's are pretty good when they receive damage - i.e. still working with a completely cracked screen. I've heard on several occasions of people turning their phone's off and leaving it to dry out fully for 24-48 hours, and the phone works.

Apple specialise in keeping the insides of their products compact and carefully housed, so you might find that the damage is limited.
Dry it out, and see how it goes. Then contact your insurers (if you're with O2, they're usually pretty good!)

I'll have a look on a Apple forum I go on and see if I can find any advice there xxxx
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my other half once put my laptop in the shower of our caravan for safe keeping then forgot about it and then turned on the shower it was soaked after sitting in water for ages, It did dry out eventually and Im still using it now its working brilliant so you never know let it dry out


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IPhone in the bath.....what was he up to?? ;) Hahaha x


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Switch it off completely and leave it in rice (dried rice) for 24-48 hours.

Rice actually pulls the moisture out, I had a friend who did this to their android phone. Was told to switch it off and leave it in rice. in the meantime they contacted the company they got it from and was told it's unfixable tough luck!

48 hours later, it was working fine again.

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