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  1. apia08

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    cambridge Diet
    I know this is not the right thing to say but I am going to throw it out there and say it....

    I'm really struggling, the mood swings and I am freezing even with lots of clothes and blanket :-( I can't stomach the shakes anymore just feel so sick its hard to drink them.

    I'm considering throwing in the towel tomorrow and getting back down to the gym and cutting out the carbs etc. I just feel so low all the time, the support on the site is soo great. I have never cheated in the whole 6 days and yet I have only lost around 7 pound :-( I know this is great so far.. But when I cut out carbs before I lost around the same weight (hope this makes sense).

    Still fabulous CDC weigh in will no offically.

    I would like to get to the gym but have no real energy to do it, even walking my body aches again.

    I am such a whinger and I am sorry.
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    Hiya hun, ultimately you have to do what is right for you but try and hang in there wee while longer if you can, the first week is definately the worst and it is worth getting to your first weigh in after all your hard work.

  4. cherylxx

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    apia, the first week is tough, there is no denying that.
    it DOES get easier though. stick with it a little longer and things will improve.
    The coldness is the only thing that never really improves. this is due to the low calorie intake. It takes a lot of energy/calories to keep the body warm. now ur on a lower calorie intake the body is looking for ways to preserve the energy/calories it is being given. In effect the body starts to give itself a ' budget' and the easiest way is to not use so much energy warming the body up.
    however u will find u gain more strength and energy and the mood will improve soon. At the moment u are still in withdrawal and it is tough.
    Obviously CD is not for everyone but it works and works very well.
    If u can give it a little more time u will feel different and will soon find urself giving a new CDer the same advice im giving u now :)
  5. misscheeky

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    I know how tough it is to do this diet. You say you only lost 7lbs that is a huge loss you should be so pround of yourself. as georgie said week one is def the hardest maybe try and stick at it a wee bit longer? This diet isnt for everyone and you have to do what is right for you at the end of the day. I wish you luck with what ever you decide and keep us posted.

    becky xxx
  6. apia08

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    cambridge Diet
    haha i'm crying again. i am such a whimp. everyone is so lovelt
  7. festivalfairy

    festivalfairy Finally a size 12!

    Im never cold??? Saying that i have my heating at like 60 ha ha ha
  8. apia08

    apia08 Full Member

    cambridge Diet
    right pulled myself together and dusted myself down, got a duvet and had another shake.. another week it is!!!!
    Jo, your weight loss is fantastic!

    day 7 tomorrow. x
  9. Eclipse

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    Thats the spirit apia hun, you CAN do it, the first week is hell, but after that you will be flying, and you have to go by your CDCs scales. You will probably be pleasantly surprised x x x x Stick with it, it is soo worth it x
  10. yvonne85

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    my take on Atkins, will do it until i'm bored then go back onto WW methods.
    Try and stick with it a while longer, the first week is the worst, you should feel more energetic soon too... take each day at a time and see how you go.

    7lbs off already is brilliant tho!!
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