Advice please - which Slendertone?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Bagpuss, 12 August 2007 Social URL.

  1. Bagpuss

    Bagpuss Full Member

    Well, I'm 7 lb from goal (though might push it 7lb further) and I'm still flabby as a pasty!!! :D I've been doing some toning but I think this needs serious worrk... I've read about good results with Slendertone on another thread, but looking at the products available on the official site, I'm completely confused...

    Basically everything needs toning - my bum, stomach, 'muffin top' especially, upper arms and thighs. Is there one Slendertone that can be adapted to all these areas or do I need to buy different bits of the system? It looks really expensive if I got all the seperate packages for each area...

    If anyone has advice about how I might buy just 1 or 2 slendertone units and then adapt them for the various problem areas I'd be really grateful!
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  3. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    I would like some info. about this too pleeeeeease.

    Hey Bagpuss, hopefully someone who knows about the Slendertone will be along soooooon.

  4. icemoose

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    The max is the best for the stomach area, the good thing is that it is dead easy to put on as if you buy the pads with elastic bands to put on it takes too long so you don't use it.

    Make sure you get the max as the cheaper models don't go up as high so the results aren't as good.

    It is only good for the tummy though and can't really use it elsewhere on the body.

  5. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    I've just been on slendertone website, and Argos, it's hard to know what you get for your money as with some it's seems you have to purchase the control seperately which is £80 just for that.

    I'd buy the tummy and the arms but not sure if I'd need another control with the arms?? could cost hundreds:eek: Those shorts sound good but will have to lose another stone at least as they only fit upto a size 16:mad:
  6. Bagpuss

    Bagpuss Full Member

    Thanks for that Mike! The Max belt does like good. Good to hear someone has had positive results with it.

    Sophia, hi ... yep, for the rest of the range, I'm well confused, too! I THINK the idea is you buy a system controller at £80 and then the arm garment at £40 and the shorts (when they fit!) at £60, and the systems controller swaps between the garments. I've been on Ebay and you can buy the shorts for less there - although I'm a bit suspicious because some say that one size fits all, between size 10 and 20. So still pretty confused, but will keep posting if I find more info and please do the same if you find anything! xx
  7. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    me too hun, just been on ebay, there are a fair few on there but like you say the SIZE is a bit worrying.

    There is another member on here who has one and we are trying to find out what one she has as she was saying that her bum has lifted a great deal...maybe she has the shorts. If we could use the one on various parts then that would be soooo much better.

    I can't seem to send the other member a personal message so I'll have to see if she reads the other thread. I'll keep you informed.

    night night xxx sj:nightf: I'm soooo tired zzzZZZ
  8. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

  9. saffron

    saffron Gold Member

    cambridge diet
  10. Springador

    Springador Full Member

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    I have the slendertone flex and the shorts, I did use them but found they pads so expensive and also hard to get hold of.
    The shorts were such a hassle to get into I was worn out just getting them on, the belt was ok.
    Because of the expense buying replacement pads I bought another type of ab belt from argos which is just as effective and you dont need to replace the pads, you just put gel on each pad before use which is so much cheaper.
  11. mapcr77

    mapcr77 Full Member

    which ab belt from argos was that Springador? Apart from being a hassle, were the shorts effective at all?
  12. EllieG

    EllieG Silver Member

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    I've just got the flex max so will advise on any results.

    Must say, I love the sensation of the muscles tingling ..... maybe I'm just weird :eek:

  13. Ameythist

    Ameythist Full Member

    Hi I have the sledertone with wires and 8 pads which are strategically placed around different areas of the body, I have had it for years and too be honest I just could not be bothered wiring it up and plugging me in. So after the first initial uses it gathers dust, I opted for a course of toning tables good job and you can choose which bits you want toning.
  14. Brightness

    Brightness Happily on CD

    Can I just say don't waste your money on the shorts. They are a complete nightmare to get on and off - I have to get someone to help me so they don't get used :(
  15. Bagpuss

    Bagpuss Full Member

    :D oh lordy, just imagining losing the last of my mystique (not that there's much left after 7 years) with my DH, asking him to hoik me in and out of the shorts...

    Thanks for your advice, everyone! Mia's thread on Slendertone has given some good tips, too... I think I'm going to go for the System, then get the arm bands ... hey, maybe I could sit on the arm bands instead of using the shorts. Mwahaha.

    Or maybe raid Ann Summers and strap the lot to various body parts with bandages?

    Ho hum, time to call it a night I think :p
  16. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    me too hun, just waiting to find out where Mia got her package from. Then gonna look into it for myself. The tummy and bum area are a big thing for me to sort out, mainly my tummy really, but would think about getting the arm bands too, my bingo wings aren that bad but when I lose more weight I may think differently.

    Deffo won't be getting the shorts, will have to do some floor excersises for that (on my own I mean)!!!!:D
  17. Bagpuss

    Bagpuss Full Member

    Hi hon - yep, I'll be looking out for the details from Mia, too - sounds good, doesn't it? We shall be toned, ohhh yes we shall! xx
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