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Advice, please

G: 10st0lb
I have just been seen by an out of hours doctor, after a couple of hours of excruciating pain, which she says is an enlarged gall bladder, and could possibly be gall stones, but I'll have an ultrasound next week to find out.

In the mean time, I have to have no fat, or almost no fat.

she said I could have rice, pasta, vegetables, and only have chicken if it is boiled thoroughly to remove the fat..

I'm just wondering if I'm allowed CD.. it's not sounding promising.. What do you think?

(not in pain now, by the way, in case you're worried :) feel fine again now :) )

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No advice, no idea... but so sorry hun. Could you PM KD perhaps for advice?

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Oh Dear i think ringing your CDC or contacting KD is the answer hon.

Good Luck and hope you are pain free xx
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Hi Guru, my sister has the same thing and is due for it out in Nov, she is following CD and has only had 2 attacks in 6 weeks (previously she was having 4 a week).

She has to stop CD 2 weeks before surgery however. But I would say that there are some articles online about CD/gallbladders so maybe try to read up on that.

I have no idea the amount of fat in chicken, veg etc, but you could possibly compare with a pack, or maybe there are some nurses on the forum who know?

I come from a medical family...........I am the only one NOT a dr or nurse hahahaha !

Sorry you have had to have this pain tho!


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This is a difficult one as opinions from doctors and consultants seems to vary so much.

I had gallbladder problems and came off the diet immediately...just to find that my consultant thought that staying on the diet was the best thing I could have done. Sigh. (I didn't ask him until I saw him about 3 weeks after the attack). I went straight back on and didn't have another attack until after the diet.

He went on to say that he didn't feel the diet was the cause of the the gallbladder problems and that it would be very difficult to prove anyway. When I had my gallbladder out, after 2 years of procrastinating:eek: nobody in the ward who were having the same op had done a VLCD...so I can see his point.

The consultant told me that losing the weight was going to make the op so much easier for him :clap:

It really does depend on the consultant.

As for a no fat diet. Gosh! That would be so hard. In fact I know it is, because I tried it many years ago as part of a study. There was such a limited choice and certainly not good to keep up for long.

Low fat yes (which cambridge is), fat free....eek.

So anyway (ramble ramble), whether you can keep with the diet....don't know an official answer to this. Feel that the medical peeps at cambridge may suggest it's okay (guessing here), but first and foremost suggest that you follow your doctors advise as he will know your history better.

Not much help there am I. Best thing you can do is contact your CDC and ask them to contact Gill at Cambridge to see what she says.

Hugs to you though. Darn horrible things :mad:
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i had big gallstone problems when i was 19 , this was before id ever tried any vlcd and started after i had my son, theres a lot that contributes to gallstones. since my op i still had pains in the top of my abdomen but since starting cd i havent had it once, it would be nigh on impossible i would have thought to have a no fat diet. I was very ill with mine as it caused jaundice and other problems too and was advised to follow a low fat diet i basically ate a lot more fruit and veg and mainly fresh foods instead of anything processed, i cant see cd aggravating the condition but i wasnt on it at the time so i dont know from experience. hope you get everything sorted and arent waiting to long.
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Sympathies hun. Had keyhole to remove gallbladder after suffering with attacks for 1.5 yrs, best thing i ever did. Funnily enough, it was never just fat that used to trigger my attacks but often fat combined with carbs, pizza was an absolute killer! I did develop it not too long after i had toyed with Atkins for a period of time and been in ketosis. Could never really know if it contributed, and no one could tell me. I do still wonder....? Also had ketones in my urine for about a year after the surgery even and gp's never even bothered to investigate that either.
I did have upper abdominal pain since removal, which is even more excrutiating, you can hardly breathe, turn a bit blue and cannot physically move for a few hrs. Shrop doc diagnosed gastritis, which is an inflammation of the stomach and causes contraction type syptoms. However, these episodes were always connected to periods when i hadn't eaten all day, then had alcohol or a fatty meal. So quite easy to control. Not had any for over 1.5 yrs now.
Good luck sorting it out. Hope cdc can help you xx
G: 10st0lb
Thank you folks! I'm feeling much better about it now I've read about your experiences.. I'm also feeling much better physically today.. Your description, butterfly, was spot on! A friend of mine, who has also been through it says she found it worse than her three pregnancies.. that's reassuring.. I now have some way of pitching how much pregnancy might hurt if I go through it! :D

So, this same friend also told me that, so long as she stuck to under 1% fat she felt fine.. and, like you say, no fat would not be very do-able.. So I'm going to try SS+ again today and see how I get on.. I might add a lot more water than usual, and might even do 1/3 of a sachet at a time, and have 9 of them through the day.. see how it goes!

I have absolutely no hesitation that CD is and has been good for my health.. I am healthier than I have been in many years, and have better chances of staying healthy through my life than I did before this point.. It feels plausible that going from a high fat diet to CD, and then back to occasional slips into high fat food has been the cause of this.. all the more reason to actually do the stepped programme and not have slips... it doesn't leave me thinking that CD is to blame AT ALL.. just maybe not following it to the letter.......... maybe....... who knows.. I wouldn't do anything different though.. CD has been and absolute life change for me! :D ..so.. onwards and upwards! :D

Thank you!
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Glad you're feeling better hun. Agree its a good idea to try to space out your intake through the day to see if it helps. Hopefully if you can control it throughout your diet during and then after cd you won't need the surgery. It tends to be associated with obesity so chances are when you are where you want to be and continuing healthy eating it will dissipate. There are some medications that can be used to break down any small stones if you have them. xx
G: 10st0lb
phew... that's soooo good to know! I'm hoping, then, I can handle this with healthy CDing, and careful fat consumption management!

thank you x


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