Advice please!


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Hi everyone! Last night me and my OH went to a hotel and had a lovely meal and excellent evening! I saved up syns all week, as it was a set menu and not very SW friendly! However, what i didn't plan on was the obscene amount of wine we drunk and also the fact that we decided to get a kebab at 2am! My god what was i thinking??? Anyway, what i was wondering is how i can try to limit some of the damage i have done? It's my WI in the morning and i really don't want to have put on! Would i be better not eating much at all today? Doing lots of exercise? Or having lots of speed foods? Any advice greatly appreciated!
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You can't really limit it by tomorrow.....all you can do is forget it and start again today, you will probably find that your Saturday nights eating won't show up until after tomorrow, so just be careful today and I hope all is well for your WI.


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As the person above said... Im not sure there is a lot you can do for tomorrow... You may be lucky enough for it not to show yet.. pehaps it may affect you next week?? Not sure.. I would personally eat lots of SS foods and drink a LOT of water and do A lot of excercise xxx


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as above, but I wouldn't limit the amount of food eaten as this my lead your body to think it's in starvation mode & have the opposite effect!

This is true, dont try and change it. You ate it but its not the end. Just go back to SW plan, maybe this week try and eat your 10 syns per day rather than up to 15 that we can eat. That way your body wont go into starvation mode and you still have control over your food, along with the little extras and if this was your only digression then the WI next week will look good.
Good luck. Be sure to stay on track though and not give in regardless of what the scales say this week.


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but.. but... kebabs are amazing. *salivates* i havent had one in yonkies years


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oh im not very helpful am i haha


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I agree with Donnie46, start again the next day. If you limit your syns for the remainder of the week to compensate you may feel deprived and go over as it's counter productive. Turn it into a flexible syns evening and go back on it from the next day xx


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Not to worry, have it as a flexi day, at least that way you are still on plan and you know why if you put on tomorrow. Carry on with the plan as normal and just work towards next weeks result. So long as you enjoyed the meal and the wine, we all blip now and again. xx


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Yes, I agree that you need to just write it off and carry on an usual but it wasn't a flexisyn day and calling it that isn't going to change anything. And perhaps for the future, if you're going to be going out like this again you should plan to flexisyn it in advance rather than saving up syns across the week, as it didn't work this time around.


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Dont worry about it, just stay on track today and drink lots of water, At least you had a good tie and enjoyed yourself :D so forget about it now and move on xxxxx


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