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Advice please...


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I love it! I'm a bit hungry sometimes but then I'm not following Atkins strictly like some on here are. I'm just low-carbing. I do really love the "diet" and I feel 100 times better for cutting the carbs out.

I look at bread/rice/pasta etc now and I feel a bit sick! I just can't imagine putting that in my mouth now and that's a big thing for me to say, as I used to LOVE them!

My weight loss hasn't been great in the last 2 weeks but then, as I said, i'm not following Atkins. However, I do feel fantastic (apart from today as I feel a bit poorly) but I feel slimmer, i'm not so sluggish, more energy. It's just brill.
Ah well you see, if your all good girls and get into maint you can be the same. I'm a good boy me.
I used to do SW as well, and quite liked it to be fair. You needn't be hungry on SW ever and it does prompt you to eat healthy *But* it is also quite easy to eat loads of carbs on it. Esp on a green day and I love my rice and pasta, etc. I found however that even while eating healthy and losing weight (and I run regularly and do strenghtening classes) that I was running out of energy.

I know that I am sensitive to carbs, and that bread makes my IBS act up, so I decided to try Atkins and see how I got on.

Now I am just an atkins newbie, so I can't give advice on it other than to say that I am not hungry, and find that I forget to eat sometimes as well as a result.

I thought with all the fat I would be eating loads of calories, but I find I eat much less than on SW (not that atkins counts calories at all, I just noticed it on FitDay). If you do SW it will be hard to get your head around Atkins at first, but I am already loving it!

i was doing slmming world and could only do green days as never lost anything if i did red which is meat strange really as now all i eat is meat and veg and lose weight which is great .id say give it a go you will lose weight without the effort :D


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i did sw and yo wouldnt believe the mounds of pasta i ate. dont really get hungry on atkins, dont miss the carbs and feel fab :)


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Going today :) and now i need to get some celeriac too I want those chips!

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