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Advice Please

I've been really struggling with CD for the last couple of days, and most shakes that I've put into my mouth over the last couple of days I've had to spit out, as they've made me feel sick.

I've got enough products for the next 2 weeks and was wondering if it's ok for me to do AAM week this week, and then increase my calories the week after, and then when I've finished the shakes to start Weight Watchers or Slimming World?

CD is costing me nearly £200 a month, which is another reason for me asking the question above.

I just hope i can stomach the shakes for the next 2 weeks

Any advice is greatly received.
Thanks in advance
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Have you tried making muffins or anything with the packs to add some variety?

Have you got any bars?

I can remember in my first 2 weeks on LL feeling extremely sick each time I had a pack, so stuck to Hot Chocolate, muffins and made choc packs into small chocs.
It just helped me get through it.

Also the Mix a Mousse stuff might help turn your shake into an angel delight kinda pud?

Hope you can get through this, or find an alternative to suit you better :)

K xxx
Thanks KittyB.

Yes, I have tried the muffin, and I get to have the bars from tomorrow. I just dont like feeling sick, especially when I've paid £2.10 each for them!

I just hope my idea in my first post is ok, because i can't continue to afford CD for much longer.
Youve done really well with CD so far. I think its fair to say not every diet suits everyone. I know I couldnt do CD at all. The important thing is you may be giving up CD but youre not giving up losing weight :)

WW and SW are both great alternatives (obviously Im biased towards WW ;) ) The losses are slower but so long as you stick to them, theyre steady.

Good luck with whatever you decide :)
What about 790 as an alternative until you've used up all of your packs?
I had to do 790 instead of SS as it wasn't agreeing with me, I had a 7 week period and my emotions were all over the place, I actually thought my depression was returning.

I've done really well with 790, and have managed to SS (with a couple of mini breaks :D over the last 3 weeks)

May be worth thinking about until they are used up and then move on to one of the other diets?

The bars should be a welcome change for you from the shakes :)

K xxx
Thanks for your replies.

I managed a strawberry shake for breakfast this morning, and I've got a peanut bar for lunch, so I'm hoping to stick to CD for a little while longer.

KittyB - I'll see how things go for the next couple of days, and if things still aren't good, I'll return my packs for a refund.

Thanks again
Hi Carole,
Glad you've managed at least 2 packs today, was really worried you were going to try and survive on AAM only.

Well done on the fantastic losses, a stone and 6.5 inches is wonderful :)

K xxx

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