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advice please

hi, i am about to start xenical - i have followed a low fat ,low gi diet and managed to loose 2 stone last year however i have developed a chronic neck & back problem and as i am now unable to excercise and some comfort eating (!)the weight has crept back on .I also have an underactive thyroid so with out excercise i really struggle to loose weight even when im being really good and struct with my diet..... i have been very scared of these diet pills after reading some scary reviews but just wanted some honest help and advice from people currently "DOING IT!!!" really truthfully - how likely is it to have unpleasant accidents and leakage???? is it only if you eat the wrong things or is it something to be prepared for??? am i worrying over nothing ????? any advice much appreciated. if i can get down to 12 stone - thats a 3 stone loss i woudl be sooo happy and im sure it will only help with the back issues....
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Violet is shrinking
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you will only get those types of side effects if you eat out of the rules... i've never had a side effect so far!..

the best thing you could do is relax, and follow the rules.. read the diaries and the main forum, all you need to know is there.

please see this thread about rules and xenical help.
good luck!
thanks , ive been wading thru some of the other threads - im new to these forums and am finding all the different sections a bit confusing and then i couldnt find my way back to where i had posted LOL!!!

anyway it all seems fairly positive on here and as i tend to try and stick to a low fat diet anyway then hopefully i shouldnt have too much trouble but then i started thinking - will the pill actually make a difference if im eating low fat anyway ???????????????????? arghhh .... yes im a born worrier...... 1 point i have taken on board is the salmon though as i have that often with couscous or a veg stirfry so will have to be switching that to chicken me thinks!!

thanks - ill be back to let you know how i do but as i am now at my wits end with weight i just want it gone for good and am willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES !!!

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
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hi hun and welcome to the gang :D
i'm starting my 13th week on the pills and haven't had an accident yet.
it's quite simple really - keep your fats low and you'll be fine.

i was terrified too the first few weeks but you do get more confident in what you are eating.;)

i have an underactive thyroid too and thought i would never lose any weight but must say that these pills are the business for me - like a gun to my head - behave or else :flirt2:

let us know how you go - we are all here to help each other :)


Violet is shrinking
S: 25st0lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 6st8lb(26.29%)
It is important to read the labels and understand the rules, not just for avoiding side effects for maximum weight loss... good luck!
thanks guys - and mrs a , you have put my mind at rest a little thank you!!

i know how to diet - its willpower thats the problem as i comfort eat when i have pain etc - at least the threat of side effects will hopefully stop me from silly snacking - whats the point in eating sensible healthy meals and then stuffing in rubbish an hour later grrrrrrr!!!

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
G: 13st0lb
stuff any rubbish in and it'll be back out an hour later :eek: hee hee x


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hi there, i cant say much more than the girls have already. but just wanted to wish you luck :)

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