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Advice please

Next week I am going away to a cottage house in cornwall with a few of the girls (none of who are on a diet/none of who I want to tell that im on a diet - they are all skinny minis!)

They were all chatting about today - about stocking up on treats (wine, dinners etc) for when we go.

I know its over a week away but Im panicking that i will lose all willpower. Anyone got advice?
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Plan as best you can although obviously there will be unknowns until you get there, eg if you know there'll be a lot of drinking could you stick to vodka & low cal mixers? A saving of at least 85 cals per drink based on a single spirit vs a small wine.

Things like that won't be noticed by the others but will do a bit of damage limitation.

Most important of all enjoy yourself! If you're sensible before you go and once you're back and don't go mad you'll not do much damage.
Oh and meant to say if you're not going out for any lunches or evening meals be extra nice and offer to do the cooking- you know exactly what's gone in the food and can control the portions. I made a really nice Thai green curry other night which came out fairly low cal but wasn't a low cal recipe.
Yeah ApplySomePressure is right. What you need to remember is that you are in control here.
If you go out for meals, just make sensible choices.
Take a bottle of vodka or gin along with you and have that instead of wine or cider. I find that alcohol is always my downfall so my new drink of choice is vodka, lime and soda or vodka and diet cherry coke.
Offer to do the some cooking and watch the portions.
Take plenty of low cal snacks along like bags of mini biscuits, low fat cadbury mousses (my favourite) Quavers and wotsits.

Most importantly though, have fun!! If you fall off the wagon, it's not the end of the world. You draw a line under it, and start again. Wish I was coming, it sounds fab!!! :)
I agree with whats been said already. Also if your going to Cornwall there's plenty to do outside, so you can burn some cals off :)
If food's going to play a major part in the week would it be the worst thing ever to tell your friends you're on a diet? They might surprise you with how supportive they are, and dieting is so much easier when people aren't shoving food in your face all the time. But if you really don't want to, my advise would be to use it as a maintenance week and try to eat quite small portions of the same food as everyone else, things like quavers and wotsits are great as they're not labelled as being low calorie so no one will notice, and encourage everyone else to go walking.

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