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Advice please

Weight watchers and slimming world haven't worked , ww I lost nothing SW I gained , I have a very low appetite so I'm thinking these kinda diets may be perfect for me I normally don't eat until 6pm I like to eat once per day medication steroids made me gain loads of weight I need to lose 2 stone I'm now desperate and unhappy has nothing works for me .!
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I personally ally don't think you eat enough. You have to eat to make your body work.

I have a friend who has no thyroid and is on steroids. She eats three meals a day always. She does though go to the gym 5 days a week.
She has other things as well that don't come to mind at the minute.

I am not saying she is worse or better than yourself. Just hoping you may be able to see it can still work.

When you went to SW did you hand in the weekly diary or stay to any meetings.? These are all things that help to make it work.

I do so hope that you won't feel I am talking down to you or giving you any bad impression.

You must feel desperate and I wish I could help you.

What about trying again. SW really and fill in diaries and at least stay for five meetings and have at least two meals a day.

Good luck. Doreen
Hi sweetheart thank you very much for your honestly and time to reply it's really helped me with your message especially knowing your friend is losing weight with her issues I'm still the same weight well I lie I am 2 pounds down in around 6/7 weeks and then got so annoyed felt hopeless and went on a few days binge and now am 5 pounds up again which could not be fat but pot weight who's knows anyway I made a new shopping tescos food order which I'm expecting tomorrow delivering and my m back on board

Do you have Facebook if so would you like to be my friend on there ...? I really appreciate your message so much xxx


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Hi - as you say Doreen's given you great advice there - when I first started on Slimming World - I found it hard to put meals and snacks together but it's worth taking time to plan - there's so much choice and even if you only eat smallish portions as long as you're not hungry that's fine but it's important to follow all SW's rules or the plan won't work.

If you go to class - I think it really helps if we stay to class each week - you can pick up lots of tips/ideas, ask questions get lots of support. You will get used to the plan if you keep at it - when I follow the plan properly - these are the kind things I do (when I'm really in the zone and it does make a big difference to my losses - compared to the many times I've followed the plan half heartedly!)

1. Plan my main meals in advance (there are lots of quick, easy, tasty recipes on SW online) make the most of the free foods esp the ones marked with 'S' for speed, then add any HEXs or syns (up to 15 a day) that I fancy - making sure there's at least a third of speed food on my plate.
2. Make sure I have enough in for b'fasts, lunches and snacks - I try to have some variety or else I get bored - then I'm likely to go off the plan!
3. Do my food shop once a week to reduce the risk of buying too much, which could encourage me to overeat or eat too many syns or go over on my Healthy Extras.
4. Make curries, casseroles, soups and meals I really enjoy and freeze any leftovers - then over time I have few things in the freezer for the times when I don't have time or can't be bothered to cook - that's a danger point for me to reach for sandwiches/takeaways or just go off the plan. Having a couple of SW frozen meals from Iceland can be handy too.
5. Have at least 1/3 of speed food whenever I eat even if it's only a small snack! I've found it handy to highlight the speed foods I like in the SW handbook - cos I'm fussy & it's easier to find what I like from those long lists!
6. I've done the same with the Healthy Extras and Free Foods too.
7. Try to do some exercise a few times a week - even if it's a short walk - it won't make us lose tons of weight but it's all part of the SW plan - you'll see that SW calls exercise - Body Magic!
8. Even tho I've been doing SW for a long time - when I read parts of the handbook - I always find something I've forgotten or don't do regularly! I find it esp good to read the Fab Free Food Lifesavers - it's on page 46/47 in my book but I've had it since Sept 2015 - so in newer books it might be on a different page.
9. Weigh/measure everything except Free Food.
10. Check every syn value and the amount of Healthy Extras we're allowed - you can make a note of the syns in the things you eat regularly in your handbook.
11. Even though I've been doing SW for a long time - I still keep a note of my food most days - it's so easy to forget the odd syn or Healthy Extra etc!

Good luck and ask again if you want more info - lots of lovely people on here will be happy to help! x
S: 12st11lb C: 10st10.5lb G: 10st0.5lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 2st0.5lb(15.92%)
Thanks Doreen - I believe in all of that - so why don't I stick to it every day ;)

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