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Advice Please...

I have made up my mind that I am going to have a night off next weekend. We are going away together with no kids for the 2nd time in 4 years and I really want to enjoy it...

I know the dangers of drinking whilst in ketosis but I'm not very sure how and when to get out of it.

I was thinking about maybe having some potatoes the night before and then some toast for breakfast the morning we go away..

I'm not going to go OTT. We are going to friends house for drinks in afternoon, friend is cooking curry for dinner, concert in evening and out for more drinks after.

I am going to go straight back on it on Sunday.

I have accepted that I may gain a pound or so and it will be difficult getting back into ketosis but I am def going to have the day off... but it is just the alcohol thing that is scaring me

Anybody got any experience of this?

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No I don't have any... Might try and get some. Are they always accurate? My sis threw hers out as they kept showing she wasn't in ketosis... she thought the amount of water she was drinking was diluting her wee so much that the ketones could not be detected... She's not on CD mind you. She's doing Atkins
So, if I get some ketostix and they show I am out of ketosis on Sat morning, will it be safe for me to have a few drinks so soon as Sat afternoon? Obviously I will make sure not to drink on an empty tummy and drink less than I would normally. Do you think I will be ok?


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I don't know, but thought I'd bump it up for you! xx


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you might do, I know some people on here say after they've fallen off the diet that it made them feel really ill anyway.. although that could be the amount rather than just the carbs.. maybe if you ate a little at a time you'd be better off, and nothing too sweet..
The sudden rise and fall in blood sugar could make you feel ill after all the weeks without carbs. Please be careful with the alcohol as well.

Enjoy your weekend.
You are far from being the only one to 'cheat' on this diet but I think the difference with you is that you have planned this break on the diet, you haven't gone on a rampaging binge fest and then been plummeted into full guilt mode.

You are taking a sensible approach, you plan to enjoy yourself without going crazy and return to SS after a good day out with friends. Plenty of people have managed it and successfully continued to loose their weight.

I have stuck to the diet with no cheats and just started the 1000 plan but I am not polishing my halo. I am just trying to get my head around eating shredded wheat and fruit again and trying not to think all the bloody weight is gonna creep back on. *sigh*

Perhaps you could exercise, have a swim or go for a walk on the Sunday, that would help burn off the glycogen. Anyhoo, just relax and have a fab time. :)

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