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  1. Catito

    Catito Full Member

    Hi all, been struggling with this diet lark for the past 4 weeks and don't know which direction to take it in. I was on a VLCD for 16 weeks and my weight loss had slowed to 2lbs a week which is not great for CD. My BMI was 27.25 and I thought maybe it was my bodies way of telling me to eat again. Did AAM then upped to 1000 cals for a week then moved onto a low fat diet at around 1400 cals. Over these 4 weeks I've lost less than a 1lb a week. I've had a few problems and been very stressed for the past few months and the temptation to fall off the wagon is very high.
    I restarted CD 5 days ago as I thought my losses would go up again after the break but weighed my self today and STS??
    Really don't know what to do. Anyone know why my losses have stalled? Don't think I can keep motivated if I have no loss on WK 1 back. :wave_cry:
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  3. Dancing

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    how much water are you drinking? Have you been religiously measuring everything to ensure you are only getting the cals stated?
    Sometimes the weight comes off at the end of an SS week, sometimes in the beginning, sometimes gradually throughout the week. Just keep going and see what happens over the next few days. Any difference in how things are fitting?

    SO MUCH TO LOSE! Must do it this time

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    hey hun,
    im sorry ive no words of wisdom for you but i just want to send you huge(((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and to say hang on in there we are all here for you,please dont give up as if you fall off the wagon then you will feel alot worse about the situation,
    hope you feel happier soon hun,
    elaine x
  5. Catito

    Catito Full Member

    Hi Dancing, I've been drinking 4ltrs a day on CD but dropped that to around 2 on 1400 cals. I was careful with weighing everything as I was worried about gaining after being on CD. Measurements have dropped about a cm from all areas in the past 4 weeks so clothes feeling about the same. Weighed again this morning and I'm 1 lb down but at least its starting to move.
  6. Catito

    Catito Full Member

    Hi Elaine, thanks for the reply and the hugs - made me feel better :) Evening are my hardest time to get through so I'll need to find something to occupy me to keep me away from the kitchen!
  7. carolyn01

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    Hi, i too am really struggling and its my 7th or 8th week. Only lost 21lb and its slowed right down but been doing AAM since week 3 (losing 1-2lb each week). Today had medium size mars bar which is first time. Im not going to binge and eat more crap but really dont know how long I can continue to do this. Feel like my body seeing enough now, need to eat three meals a day.:sigh:
  8. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    oh good news the scales are moving for you now :)
  9. Catito

    Catito Full Member

    Its difficult to keep motivated with small losses, thats when I start to feel deprived :) I then start to think " I can lose 1 -2 lbs on WW or the like a week and eat real food again." Problem with that is I've never managed to stick with a diet like that in the past, thus doing CD, so what makes me think I'll do it now?
    If my body dosen't start telling me to eat I'm sure OH will - I've not been the easiest of people ti live with lately :eek:
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