advice please


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i was out with friends today shopping, when they decided they wanted to go for lunch. i tried my best not to give in and have something but they all kept at me saying 1 meal doesnt matter. now i feel really bad. i also had 1 shake 2day havnt taken two of the packs yet. what should i do im not hungry and dont think i will be now.
any help would be welcome
thank youxxx
Make sure you have all your packs without them all you won't get all the nutrients your body needs.

Did you have the meal? If you did just put it behind you. Keep drinking lots of water, I know you don't feel hungry - but I would have another pack if you can, so you get some more nutrients.

My advice would be to ignore your friends, one meal really does matter - it matters not just that it can make your loss lower but it can easily knock you out of ketosis and then that leaves you suffering for 3 or 4 days trying to get back in it and one meal really isn't worth that.

Stick with it and you'll do great :)