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advice please!

:p Hi there, I am not due to start refeed for another 5 weeks but because I am more than half way there I cant stop thinking of all the things I am going to eat after my week of refeed!!! (believe me, none of it is good for you)
I am worried I will totally pig out and put all my weight back on.
I ve read on here that you get full quicker after lipotrim, is that true? if so will I not be able to stuff my face?
To make things worse I am in Florida for 3 weeks after my week of refeed so its pig out city there!!!
any tips or advice please!!!!!!!!!!!
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When you first start lipotrim refeed you will be full very quickly which is why the food is introduced gradually over the process of a week or two. We need to re-educate our systems not to overeat anymore and to stop when we are full. Chewing slower and savouring your meal is a good tip, also a good glass of water and during your meal should help fill you. If we go back to old habits and keep stuffing ourselves until the plate is empty, then the stomach will expect more and we will end up back in the same boat.

Just try to make healthy choices instead of the high carb, high sugary foods and listen to your body, when you are full, stop eating.
Thanks for that. I once read a book called 'I Can Make You Slim' and that basic rule was that as long as you only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full then you will not put excess weight on. At the time I was always hungry and never full (or thats what I thought) so hopefully after refeed I will be able to tune into my body's needs and not over eat!!!!!!!!
Good luck for when you get there, I am sure you will be fine and your Pharmacist will give you plenty of good advice.
I am on refeed from today, so really looking forward to it.
Good luck on the refeed, please keep me informed how you are getting on! and what you eat in that 1st week!!!!
I ve just seen you ve lost 2st 11lb WOW thats great. How long did that take you? I need to loose at least 3 stone, lost a stone and a half and have 5 weeks left on LT.
You must be so excited to eat your first lot of food!! lucky you xxx
I have lost over 4 stone in total, but 1 stone 7lb was with WW, but it was too slow for me so when I started lipotrim it was Jan 8th, so I have lost the 2st 11lbs with lipotrim in 11 weeks, but that was with 2 weeks off for refeed to go away, so really it was 9 weeks. Dont worry hun, it will soon pass, it has for me.
I have got a refeed diary on this forum where I am going to add my daily food intake and water.

Good luck on Lipotrim, it really is the best.

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