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Advice Please


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I have had a really bad back the last few days to the point i can't pick up my son who's 10months old. I went to the doctors and am on really strong painkillers and some anti inflammatory tablets. The problem is i feel really sick all the time, which i have always had a problem with when taking painkillers. I'm struggling with the shakes and bars as because i feel sick i really don't feel like eating them (i still am) and i also feel very dizzy. I'm still drinking lots of water so it isnt that.
I am thinking of moving up to 1000kcal, i have been on ss+ although i think its more like 810 now as i went to Spain and had things like peppers, baby corn, onion with my salad, and have carried on with that as still lost 1lb.
So was just wondering whether i would be ok to go to 1000kcal now, as i feel ready for it and i'm hoping it might help with the sickness, i'm 5lbs away from goal as i weighed myself this morning and my BMI is 23.5.
So just hoping to get some advice on what everyone thinks, don't want to bother my CDC on Good Friday :)
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I think it might be a good idea, especially since you are feeling so poorly. It could be your body just needs more at the moment.


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Sorry you're feeling so rotten. I think you're so close to goal, many do move up through the steps by now, and it could help you. I know how hard it is to stick to 810 at this stage... I think this may be my last week of it, goal or no goal. Big hugs and see how you feel on 1000 - if need be, you can always step down again after easter. I would just send CDC a text though, sure she won't mind and guessing she'd be fine with the step up. You might just feel better about it with her approval.

At your BMI a 1000 cals would be an excellent choice. Remember when you are taking the anti-inflamatories to take them with either a shake or food to protect your stomach.

Hope you feel better soon.
No advice J, but want to sympathise with the back, I too have injured back ligaments and am on very heavy duty painkillers too.
Well done on your loss, hope you get your goal soon and good luck with maintenence.


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I sympathise with all of you with back problems too and have found Pilates to have made an amazing difference to mine. I've seen Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists for years and spent a fortune, but the best money I ever spent was with a good Pilates teacher.
For 'instant' relief one thing which helps me, is to tighten up my pelvic floor and then tighten the muscles right round, ending with pressing my tummy button in towards my back. This pulls the sacrum downwards and relieves the pain. Perhaps it would help you too?

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