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Advice pls!


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Hi All, as a Birthday gift from my wonderful 2 friends, i will be going to the Dorchester Hotel in London soon for Afternoon Tea! I will be on week 8 from this Wednesday!

There will be scones and sandwiches and i don't want to not have them, as it has been booked and everything and I cannot get the date changed.

Bread cannot be eaten until week 11, i think i will end up enjoying myself for 1 day, i obviously won't go over board.

What does everyone else think? Life is too short and i will never go back to my old ways, as I love eating healthy food and feel sooooo much better inside that I am putting good food in to my body !
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What a lovely treat - enjoy it and don't look back.

I have no doubt you will be fine.

Planned lapses are much better than unplanned. You know what you are doing, you can plan for it accordingly so that it does little if any damage.

I'm dead jealous - the Dorchester is Soooooooo lovely.


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awww hun you have come so far- why beat yourself up over one day?
enjoy it. you deserve to. :)


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There comes a point when you have to consider your life as a whole and not just LL.
Afternoon tea at the Dorchester is a once in a lifetime thing (for most of us) there is no way I would go and not partake.
Plan it, cut back the week before and plan to cut back the week after and just enjoy yourself.
You need to learn to manage these situations any way.
Hope you have a nice time.


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Thank you all for your advice, the thing is it is this weekend! What do you think i should cut back. All i have is fruit, total yogurt and protein salads, so which bit shall i cut out?


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When you say
All i have is fruit, total yogurt and protein salads
it isn't strictly true. You are having 3 meals a day plus snacks (you were having quite a lot of fruit), your packs and you will be adding potatoes/pasta etc this week.

It is up to you really, but chances are if you continue as normal, start week 8 on Weds, and splurge on the weekend you will likely put on. If it is literally, a sandwich and a scone (without the cream etc) then that isn't too big a deal, but likely to be around 800 cals (or more, depending on the filling), which is quite a lot when you are only on around 1200-1300 cals per day. I am just saying, be careful, really and be aware of what you are doing.

Yes this is a one off birthday treat, but most of us have things going on every few weeks, parties, birthdays, BBQs, picnics, work dos meals out, etc and you have to learn to deal with them, rather than just enjoying them all because they are 'special occasions' and not dealing with the extra cals consumed.

Unless you have already done so, you could cut back the fruit a bit (you were on way more than 2-3 servings a day) and keep an eye on the quantities of staples you introduce this week, or you could only have 1 protein meal per day for the next couple of days, something like that.
You just need to balance it out.

It also depends on what outcome you want/are prepared for at your next WI. If you don't mind a small gain then don't worry about it.

But, like I said, it is up to you how you deal with it, that is just my opinion, I have had several occasions to deal with on RTM/maintaining and know that if I don't cut back then I gain.


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Slimssea, I have a wedding to go to towards the end of week 9 (week 4 at the mo), and am actually pretty grateful for this post - it has given me food for thought (excuse the pun!). I think what I will do (as I do want to enjoy the wedding) is simply cut back week before and week after - not excessively, but having slightly smaller portions, cut back on fruit and yoghurt (both of which have become my vices), and by being the dedicated driver, will avoid the excesses of alcohol (that'll save me a good few thousand calories). Ali certainly has a point with her statement that we all have things to attend, and I think that this is the perfect opportunity (whilst still on the programme) to try eating out and seeing how you deal with the situation. Perhaps LL could write afternoon tea at the Dorchester into the programme????


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Thanks Ali for the advice, i will follow just that! I do still have a bit of a problem with my fruit intake! Not everyday, but some days!

So i have decided from today to totally stick to 3 servings- 2 plums, 2 satsumas and 1 pear. No strawberries/blackberries for a good 1 -2 weeks! I am not going to have lunch at work today and just cut back and have 2-3 carrots and 4 cauliflower florets to munch on!

Fruit has/had become a bit of a problem for me, as i always crave for it! Can't help it! Didn't even cheat during my Birthday or anything, stuck to my jelly instead of Birthday cake and everything! Felt good but weird at the same time not having cake.

Corey- Yes thanks for the advice, it's true what Ali said, the occassions come during life and we have to just learn to deal with these situations. I have been out for dinner once a week for the last few weeks and have stuck to protein salads with balsamic vinegar and the chef's in all the restaurants have been wonderful!

Yes i am like you, i love my fruit and yogurt, i have/had increased my fruit intake over the last couple of weeks, which Ali has been giving me good advice to cut that down. Some days i am fine, then at work when i am bored, i eat my fruit (which is silly of me, cos i am not like that at home ,during weekends).

Yes if only LL could introduce tea at Dorchester in to their RTM programme, lol! Good luck with the Wedding, you know what you doing and what you need to do, so you will be fine! :)
Have a lovely time this weekend and remember that you have all the knowledge you need to be a skilled weight holder. You'll do great!
I also have had some big days out and had some bread and even a beer. (Erdinger weiss beer - my Favourite). I went straight back to the plan without a problem. I think the issue is if it takes you out of the discipline that you need to keep.

I am finding more and more that I am in control of food so I can do special days in a very controlled way. This is a new experience for me but it gives me a feeling of power over food. This is the first time in my life I have has this control.


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Thank you Kenj, really appreacite it! My problem at this present moment on most days is i have/had increased my fruit intake, for instance-

2 x plums
1 x pear
2 x satsumas
Approx 15 strawberries, 6 blackberries and 12 grapes

1 have only been having 1 protein meal a day to allow myself to enjoy a bit on Saturday. My weight i believe haev remained the same, however i have noticed my stomach feels like it pops out :(

I am still 1-1.5 stones overweight, BMI is either 27-28


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Hey Guys, right where do I begin!

Yes thank you kindly for asking, I went to The Dorchester yesterday (if your on facebook, my pics are on there) and it was fantastic.

I didn't go overboard on the food (not to what i would have done previously) and had 6 x tiny finger sandwiches, 4 scones (with a tiny bit of maargarine/jam), 2 x tiny lemon/cream dessert thing(which was the size of an alcoholic shot glass),2 x tiny french pastries, 1 Hot chocolate and 4 cups of Dorchester Tea.

Everything was amazing, i could have had a lot more, but paced myself throughout the 3 hours we were there.

I cut back all this week in order to prepare for yesterday's event and it was sooo worth it! The funny thing was that i didn't get a sugar rush or anything! I fully recommend it to anyone wishing to treat yourself in style. It is between £40-£45 per person, can get good deals on Lastmintue.com i believe.

Felt like a lady and just had an amazing day (such a nice feeling having a sandwich after 9 months). Don't think i put on any weight. Walked about 2-3 miles yesterday, so hope i burnt it off!

Thank you everyone all for your advice and support as i was terrified.

Oh yes you will not believe this, they sell 1 kind of Whisky , which is £1000 per shot, yes £1000 per shot, how ridiculous is that, its only going to come out in one's toilets at the end of it!


Happily pro pointing!
Glad you had a fab time, sounds great.
I am sure you will be just fine.
I still think you should get back to normal tomorrow and start week 8 on Wednesday.

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