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advice pls

hi i dont know where your from but here in ireland it costs 64 euro and some chemists do it ...you will see the advertisment posters on there windows ...
i think if your on medication you should seek doctors advice first but most of the time its not a problem
good luck and let us know how your doing :)

Hi,Thanks for the advice,i hope that i will be able to do this because ive tried every diet and failed so my self esteem is at an all time low at the mo.
well then i think lipo trim is for you, cos thats how i felt when i started. 3 weeks in i feel really happy cos the weight is coming off nicely!
Good luck. It is well worth it. Hard but great results. On the website there is a video that you need to watch before you go to the pharmacist. It will speed things up. If you haven't watched it you will have to borrow their DVD, go away, watch it and then return. I went in having watched it, filled in a medical form (very basic), was weighed and given a weeks supply within half an hour.
All the best. This forum is great for support as it can feel a bit mad!


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hi parkerela
Only been on lipotrim 9 days myself...found a chemist near me that did it via lipotrim website.....was simple enough get started with them.
Its not the easiest 9 days i've had and so easily could of quit but once threw first few days and once had first weigh in ...felt so much more positive.
And using the forum is great.....for advice tips and a friendly understanding ear when you feel crap
good luck
Hi hun,

LT was a lifesaver for me as, like you I'd tried loads of diets and spent most of my life (since about 15) trying to shift weight. It is hard, especially in the first fortnight, but it definitely works if you stick to it. This forum is invaluable for help, support and advice.

Like every diet though, it is the maintaining that is the hardest thing to do, if you slip back into your old habits the weight will go on again! LT does re-educate your eating habits you just can't drop into them again! I am encouraged that I crave salad all the time! Oh for a raw carrot at the mo! And some grapes! Sorry, I got side-tracked there!!!!

Good luck and keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Good luck!! xxx
You won't regret it Parkerela, I was like you too, self-esteem at rock botttom, hating myself. :break_diet:
You won't believe how good you'll feel after the first (very hard) 5 days, and once you have your 1st weigh-in, you'll be flying!! :bliss:
Wishing you lots of luck, just stick with it for those difficult first few days, and we'll all help you on here. Promise!! xx

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