Hiya :)

Just thought i would ask here for a little advice.

I'm currently calorie counting and i weigh around 13 stone, im trying to drop the pounds but at the moment i cant really do any exercise due to the fact that i have a prolapsed disc in my back, and trapped nerves, so currently i'm in quite a lot of pain, and parts of my leg are numb.

I would love to exercise obviously to speed up the weight loss slightly, but am unsure what i can do that wont cause extreme pain.

Has anyone else had the same problem with back issues? I don't know if swimming would be ok and am quite scared to try as when the pain gets bad its hard to even get out of bed.

All this and im only 24, don't want to think about what i'll be like when im 40 if the doctors don't hurry up and get back to me with a solution.

Thanks for reading, and any advice that may help.

Rachael x
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How long has this been going on? Have you been referred for physio? If not can you self refer? If you can tell me how it happened I may be able to give you some advice, just PM me.


Unfortunately i cant pm you, as my posts arent high enough for me to be able to do that yet :(.

Ive had the numbness in my legs and stuff for about 2 years now, ive always had back problems and im unsure if it was due to a job in heavy lifting when i was 17 till i was about 21. They have never really been able to tell me what caused it. When i first went to the doctors they told me i had sciatica, but now it appears that it may be a prolapsed disc/trapped nerves. I havent really been given much information apart from that.

I went to the hospital when my leg first went numb and i was referred to a specialist who sent me for an mri about 5 weeks ago. They still dont have the results back yet.

Thanks for your reply

Rachael x