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Nope just dont eat your doing a diet on LT and thats the rules and thats that and as I ve said before she will have a birthday next year. xxx


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Lol good point! Flapjack hun? I wouldnt worry think about number 1 for a while xxx
Yep I agree if shes your best friedn she'll understand completely and support you xx
I agree - I was at a wedding on Sat and I drank water all day and night - nobody who didnt know i was on Lipo even questioned why

These days so many people are the designated drivers or just dont want a sore head in the morning.

As for the meal - why not have a soup while everyone else is having their meal??


weighs a lot less
if she knows your doing LT then she will understand just meet them for drinks (water for you ) later xx
hehe i just spoke 2 her she said she'd order food for where im sitting and as she sittin next to me she will eat it hehe :O) bless her i do want to be strong im driving aswell so saving the pennies :D


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Hahaha thats fab hun xx
ye i cant wait i mite be a size smaller :eek:) but im not goin to buy nethin new i ave some dresses i can wear which got tight hehe this website is the best id not still be doin this if it wasnt here. i get weak moments all the time then i come on here thnx guys your the best !!!
a real friend , cherish it xxx
"i get weak moments all the time then i come on here thnx guys your the best "

Totally agree :D:D
I agree hun,i still come here for support now and im maintaining! Stops me eating too lol so you going to wear a dress, im out on friday but think i deserve a new outfit now!! xxx
ye u deffo deserve a new dress lol i want to suprise people when i finish this i really want to get down 2 a 12 and its been so many years i dnt even remember being 12 always a 14 i cant w8 am so excited !!!
I come here when I feel horny thanks guys, xxxxx
Dirty dirty man;)! xxx
Missy i dont really do dresses but might just do now youve out it in my mind..i can get into a 12 in a dress too..bonus! Its def best to wait til the end though hun xxx
Not been there for ages..scared of losing Millie in the middle of Manchester!! xxx
aww i tink ud look gr8 in a dress im really into them at the mo :O) i used 2 wear lil shorts etc bt every1 started 2 wear dresses here hehe
Yeah same here hun, skirts for me but i will look this week i reckon..in your honour hun xxx

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